Live-streaming service Twitch will ban users for offences such as hate-group membership that occur entirely away from the site in a new approach to moderating the platform.

Amazon, Microsoft and Google might learn to become less reliant on star streamers like Ninja -- as Douyu and Huya learned in China


Liu "PDD" Mou is worth millions of dollars to Douyu as it tries to fend off game live streaming competitor Huya in an industry projected to grow to $3 billion

Douyu is one of China’s two largest live-streaming sites with a focus on game-related content. By out-fundraising rivals and poaching top streamers, it survived China’s live streaming war in 2016 to become an industry giant.

EA's hit battle royale game is topping Fortnite and PUBG on Twitch, and now Tencent is reportedly trying to bring it to China

...turns out, people in China couldn't actually watch their historic esports gold medal on any official local platforms. So they turned to Western platforms, like Twitch, which jumped up the iOS App Store charts as people downloaded it to watch the Asian Games.

Video games are always better with friends. So what better way to launch our first collaboration with our friends at Goldthread than inviting them over for a good chat while playing some gaming classics? Goldthread's Executive Producer Victoria Ho joined me in our little Twitch studio to tell us about her site, her favorite gaming tunes and so much more -- all while playing some classic Super Nintendo games like Super Mario Kart.