Food guide
  • Hongkonger Stewart Young takes clients for fancy meals at China Club and enjoys dim sum on weekends at Dragon Inn Seafood Restaurant
  • His favourite dish at Chi Lin Nunnery’s vegetarian restaurant is mock pig’s trotter in ginger and vinegar, and its teahouse is a must-visit for ‘amazing’ tea

French native Anne-Claire Béraud of Phenix, an app that aims to reduce food waste, reveals her top spots for her country’s cuisine, local Hong Kong dishes, rooftop drinking and more.

Singaporeans lit up social media with their anger, calling the version of the dish ‘filthy drain water’; The New York Times conceded that ‘the video demonstration did not faithfully follow the recipe’.


Decades ago, the village was abandoned, but now, its former villagers are returning to preserve their traditional way of life – and the traditional way of making salt.