Howard Lam kidnap sagai

Hong Kong democracy activist Howard Lam claimed he was kidnapped and tortured by two Mandarin Chinese-speaking men on August 10, 2017. He was later arrested on suspicion of misleading police.


Yonden Lhatoo says the city’s leading opposition politicians should be ashamed and apologise, now that their story about a colleague being kidnapped and tortured by Beijing agents has turned out to be fake news.

  • Last year, Lam was found guilty of one count of knowingly making a false report to police about an offence, but was out on bail
  • On Thursday, he lost his appeal against the conviction, and was asked to serve his five-month sentence

Democratic Party founding member out on bail pending an appeal, and source says he faces internal investigation after court proceedings. In Facebook Live session, Lam stands by his claims of innocence and refutes court evidence.


Forensic pathologist Lai Sai-chak says defendant’s version of events ‘defied common sense’, as magistrate rules Lam has case to answer. But defence expert disagrees and says injuries were consistent with being tortured.

Howard Lam, a founding member of the Democratic Party, made headlines when he claimed he had been abducted in August 2017. But now he’s standing trial accused of filing a false report with police.

Prosecution says it has 172 witnesses against Lam, who is accused of knowingly making a false police report last year in which he described how mainland agents had abducted him and punched staples into his legs

Howard Lam has been arrested on suspicion of misleading police and his home searched as officers look into claims he was abducted by two Putonghua-speaking men and tortured for hours.