Lamma ferry crashi

Thirty-nine people were killed when a boat owned by Hongkong Electric collided with a ferry off Lamma Island on October 1, 2012. The power firm was taking staff to see the National Day fireworks display in Victoria Harbour when disaster struck, plunging more than 100 people into the dark waters. It was the deadliest boat accident in Hong Kong in 40 years.


Trial by jury is a cherished feature of our criminal justice system. The use of ordinary people to decide the guilt or innocence of those facing serious criminal charges acts as a safeguard against abuse and involves the public in the trial process.

Since the people of Hong Kong have demanded compensation, retribution and high standards of accountability of Philippine authorities over the Manila hostage crisis, we should apply the same standards and outrage to those responsible for the Lamma ferry crash.

In Hong Kong, we go after the small fry rather than the whales. This is the legal situation we have ended up with in last year's Lamma ferry tragedy that killed 39 people, including eight children.

  • ‘My wife drowned while on her way to see the fireworks 11 years ago. How can I enjoy fireworks on the same day?’ a victim’s husband says
  • After more than 10 years of searching for answers, families of victims say they saw the most progress over past year, with coroner’s inquest bid approved by High Court

‘It’s the first time in so many years that I’m able to smile again in front of the cameras,’ Alice Leung, who lost her brother in crash says.


Carrie Lam cites privacy concerns in declining to release the report, and says she understands families’ feelings, drawing scorn from victims’ relatives.

The city’s acting housing and transport chief says the Department of Justice has prosecuted all the people it intends to, but a lawmaker insists there is still more to investigate.