• Benetti received record orders as wealthy customers look to luxury yachts for safer and more open, yet intimate space – with millennials and Gen Zers expecting more fun and entertainment
  • Since Benetti started focusing on the Asia-Pacific market, the company has seen revenues of over US$288 million with 75 per cent of sales from Greater China

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The tastes of wealthy Millennials and Generation Z members in China differ considerably from older generations, with a focus on items that reflect their modern culture.


A German chemist chain heir now tops Forbes’ annual rankings, taking the top spot from reality TV star Kylie Jenner – who doesn’t even earn a place in the three-comma club in 2021

Despite fears of a ‘lost’ generation, many 80s millennials are highly educated and are already homeowners – but the impact of Covid-19 remains to be seen

Toms, a shoe brand once loved by celebrities such as Snoop Dogg and Anne Hathaway, is turning its focus from millennials to Gen Z in a bid to rebound from a remarkable fall in recent years.

‘People just want to be a little bit more cosy,’ says one 29-year-old, which might explain why old-fashioned footwear is becoming popular with millennial and Gen Z men.

She took the female-first dating app public, her net worth jumped to US$1.5 billion and now she’s been named the world’s youngest self-made female billionaire

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