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Close up of the first issue of The South China Morning Post.

The South China Morning Post was established in 1903 by Mr Tse Tsan Tai and Mr Alfred Cunningham. It was first published on 6 November 1903.

From its founding during the Qing dynasty until the establishment of the republic, the paper was known as Nam Ching Jo Bo (South Qing Morning Post).

The newspaper's first offices were on Connaught Road, Central. But in 1907 the building was damaged by a typhoon, forcing the company to move to Des Voeux Road, Central. Later on the SCMP moved to Wyndham Street, in Central where it remained for 60 years.

During the Japanese occupation in the early 40s, the newspaper was closed and the Morning Post building was requisitioned to print out the less controversial Hong Kong News. It was only shortly after the war however that the SCMP reclaimed its offices and that publication resumed.

In 1971, the SCMP was relocated to Tong Chong street in Quarry Bay.

In 1986, the international publishing magnate Mr Rupert Murdoch acquired 34.9 per cent stake in the SCMP and in 1987, the company was privatised by Murdoch's News Corporation.

In 1988, the charity campaign Operation Santa Claus was launched. The annual event reached a record donation in 2006 when HKD $16,012,598 were raised to benefit various associations and charities.

In 1993, Mr Robert Kuok's Kerry Group purchased the 34.9 per cent stake from News Corp, and acquired controlling interest of the company.

Robert Kuok

In 1995, SCMP opened its headquarters and printing plant in Tai Po.

In 1996, was launched, including features and multimedia content.

In 2003, the SCMP celebrated its 100th anniversary. When SARS broke out the SCMP launched the Project Shield Campaign to buy protective clothing for frontline medical staff during the outbreak.

Today the SCMP is led by Editor-in-chief Reginald Chua, and Managing Editor David Lague.

Editor-in-chief Reginald Chua

The printed version comprises the following sections:
‧ Main
‧ City
‧ Sport
‧ Business
‧ Classifieds

Special Reports
‧ Property (Wednesday)
‧ Racing (Wednesday)
‧ Technology (Tuesday)
‧ Style magazine (first Friday of every month).

The Sunday edition adds up a:
‧ Review section
The Post Magazine and
Young Post.