Witch Craft Works (anime TV series)

By James Whittle
By James Whittle |

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The profile of a high-school student goes from zero to the most hated at the school. Why? For some reason, the most popular girl at school wants to hang out with him in the new anime, Witch Craft Works.

The quiet, near-invisible Honoka Takamiya's world is turned upside down when the aloof, yet hugely popular Ayaka Kagari saves him from being crushed to death.

Yet the strangest part of the rescue is not that she cradles him in her arms, but floats in the air in a witch's costume on a broomstick.

Ayaka casts spells to protect Honoka from a group of magical "robo" rabbits trying to kill him. And then she reveals what's she's been hiding from him: she is his sworn protector - oh, and a witch. Now that evil witches know where he is, she no longer has to keep her "bodyguard" status secret.

The show is based upon the manga series written and illustrated by Ryu Mizunagi and adapted for television by J. C. Staff ( Tantei Opera Milky Holmes).

The sudden intimate attention from Ayaka makes the whole school jealous of Honoka and despise him. It's a toss-up whether he's more worried about being chased by a group of witches, or being the most reviled person at school! How will he cope? Tune in to find out!