Ben 10: Ultimate Alien (cartoon)

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Ben 10 gets a power-up in the all new series Ben 10: Ultimate Alien that premieres on the Cartoon Network on 10.10.10 (October 10) at - you've guessed it - 10am. The new series takes place a few months after the final episode of Ben 10: Alien Force where Ben's original Omnitrix - a device which allows its owner to transform into various alien forms - is destroyed and Ben obtains the even more powerful Ultimatrix.

The Ultimatrix gives Ben access to new aliens and ultimate versions of some of his most powerful heroes. The Ultimatrix also lets Ben evolve his transformations into even more powerful versions. These ultimate aliens are 10 times more powerful; with 46 of them, there isn't much Ben can't do.

Ben's secret identity has been revealed to the world and he's now an international mega-star super hero, adored by kids all over the world, but distrusted by adults who see him as a walking danger zone. Thankfully, Ben's cousin Gwen and his friend Kevin, an Osmosian alien, are there to help him out when he gets in over his head.

Every new series needs a new bad guy and Aggregor may be Ben's most formidable enemy yet. Another Osmosian, he plans to absorb the powers of five aliens whose combined powers could make him unstoppable.

Cartoon Network has joined forces with toymaker Bandai and Toys 'R' Us to offer one lucky Hong Kong Ben 10 fan one of 10 custom-made, limited-edition, metallic green Ultimatrixes. Entering is easy: from now until September 30, every eligible purchase of Ben 10 products at Toys 'R' Us gives you a chance to win. This Otaku has got his entries in - what are you waiting for?