How to dress for Clockenflap to slay all day at Hong Kong’s biggest music festival

Read this before you head to Central Harbourfront to rock out with the Kaiser Chiefs, Supper Moment, or Massive Attack

Heidi Yeung |

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People watching is part of the fun at a music festival; make sure your outfit stands out.

Dressing fashionably for a music festival like Clockenflap (November 17-19 – who else is excited?!) is a lot of fun, but it takes effort to find the right balance between fashion-forward and fashion faux pas. You want to make a statement but not be over-the-top, and pay tribute to the music festival vibe without looking like you’ve put on a costume.

Unlike dressing for a party, you could be spending an entire day at an event like this, so your outfit requires some thought and preparation. Young Post spoke to Singapore-born, London-raised stylist Jolene Lin, whose portfolio boasts Y-3, Calvin Klein, Chanel, Lane Crawford, Elle Singapore, and many more, for top tips on dressing for a music festival.

“You have to be very comfortable, that’s my number one rule,” Lin says. “You’re outdoors, [and] you won’t know what the weather will be like. It could be cold, or raining, or hot. You also want to stay true to yourself, [and wear] something you can have fun in.”

Yes, great, but when what you can afford is probably what all your friends can afford, how can you avoid looking like clones (ew, how basic)? Here’s how:

It’s all in the details

Putting the finishing touches on an outfit for a photos shoot.
Photo: Heidi Yeung/SCMP

While Lin agrees there’s a clichéd “festival look” – pretty much a costume with no personal style – she thinks if you haven’t developed your own style yet you can pick one aspect of the cliché, and use it as the accent for your outfit.

“You could go in jeans and a T-shirt but have a fringe bag, or add accessories in your hair,” Lin suggests. This way, because you’re taking just one detail from the typical look and adding it to your normal outfits, you won’t look like you’re going overboard or trying too hard.

Say it loud, say it proud

If you’re going to Clockenflap, there’s probably an act or two you’re excited to see. Now is the time to bust out that band shirt sitting in your wardrobe.

Alternatively, take inspiration from the vibe of your favourite act, and build your outfit around it.

“If you’re a massive fan of [a band or artist] you’re probably a massive fan of their style,” Lin says. And when you’re dressed to support the act you’re a diehard fan of, how can you not have fun? Bonus: you may make new friends who have your taste in music! Extra bonus: this tip applies to both girls and guys!

What’s hat you got on?

With guys, who typically wear fewer accessories than girls, it may be even harder to show off your style when you’re not carrying a bag or putting on any jewellery. Consider telling the world who you’re rocking it out to at Clockenflap with what’s on your head instead – hats or caps are a great trend. Also, boys, there’s one more huge benefit to adding style to your festival look with your headgear: you don’t have to think about your hair.

Practical tips:

  • Wear comfortable shoes you can dance in all day long. If you’re going to wear wellington boots in anticipation of wet weather, make sure you wear thick socks – and maybe bring spares. “Nothing ruins a festival more than blisters,” says Lin, who says she is a massive festival-lover.
  • Ask yourself, “Will I wear this again after Clockenflap?” Be honest and don’t waste money if you can help it.
  • Avoid accessories that look like it’ll fall apart before the end of the day.
  • A smart way to spend your money is to invest as much as you can on one quality item, and then build your looks for the whole weekend around that. “There’s a key piece to every look,” Lin explains. That may be the perfect pair of shoes, a killer piece of accessory, or a fabulous jacket. Spend what you have left at more budget-friendly places to get items for the rest of your looks.
  • Layer up. Temperatures at this time of the year varies throughout the day. Wearing layers will allow you to stay comfy whatever time of day it is.
  • Have fun!

Tickets for students are available from Clockenflap at HK$640 for either Saturday or Sunday day tickets, with Friday tickets selling for HK$570. Weekend tickets cost HK$1,080. Anyone aged 12 and under can attend the festival for free.

Edited by Ginny Wong