Avengers-inspired looks: Ultron has suave and professional perfected

By Heidi Yeung

Going somewhere formal but not keen on a suit? Don’t worry, there are ways to make a good impression and still be comfortable. This week’s look finds the balance between formal and casual, and looks as sleek as the villain it’s inspired by: Ultron.

By Heidi Yeung |

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There are ways to make a suit more stylish and comfortable without sacrificing professionalism.

There are ways to make a suit more stylish and comfortable without sacrificing professionalism.
Photo: Susanna Yeung

Just because you’re going to a more formal event doesn’t mean your only option is a suit. Let’s face it, suits look best when they’re tailored and fitted to you, which can be pricey. As long as either your top or bottom half is more formal, the rest of you can get away with semi-formal. Match a neat pair of trousers or a skirt with a comfy shirt or blouse, or wear a blazer to dress up dark denim. Or find the perfect blend of formal and casual, like YP junior reporter Dhruv Singh, who is wearing a varsity blazer that is part suit and part jumper. Get an item like that and you’ll be able to wear it for years to make any outfit look classier.

Neat hair is a detail you don't want to overlook.
Photo: Susanna Yeung

Cool and collected

When you hair is a mess, your whole image looks scruffy. Keep your hair out of your face and style it just a little. It will make you feel smarter and give others the impression that you’re always well prepared and ready to tackle anything. Spray it with hairspray and, using a comb or brush, part it and brush it to one side, and remember to  tidy up the sides. To hold the style, you can blow dry it as you’re brushing it into the shape you want. If you’re after an edgier look, check out last week’s Get the Look that’s inspired by Black Widow.

Make Up For Ever Sculpting Kit #1 (HK$380 at Mufe)

Subtle impact

Subtle contouring is a great way to look more polished and mature without putting on a full face of make-up. Okay, this might make you feel silly, but look into the mirror and suck in your cheeks to make a fish face; this will show you where your cheekbones are. Choose a contouring colour that is a couple of shades darker than your natural skin tone, and using a medium-sized fluffy face brush, sweep it in the hollow just under your cheekbones and blend into your hairline. Just make sure not to start the contouring too close to the middle of your face. Pretend there’s a straight line down your face from the outer corner of your eye; that’s as far in as you want the shading. You can stop there, but for an extra pop, dust some of the highlighter on your cheekbones, just above the shading. Remember to buff it out well so there’s no visible line between the two colours.

Hair: Ivan Lee, Premier Stylist – Essensuals by Tony & Guy

Make-up: Vanessa Law, make-up expert – Make Up For Ever

Clothes: provided by Zalora

Photographer: Susanna Yeung

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