Hong Kong residents vaccinated against Covid-19 could win HK$113 million in lottery prizes - check out our list

  • A brand new flat, a Tesla, cash and even gold bars - here’s what Hong Kong residents with at least one dose of the coronavirus jab could win
  • Make sure to double check the entry rules, because you need to be at least 18 for many of these opportunities

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In order to encourage Hong Kong residents to get the Covid-19 vaccine, companies have begun offering prizes through lotteries open only to those who have gotten at least one dose of the coronavirus jab.

You have to be over the age of 18 for many of these giveaways, so you may not qualify for some, but you can still pass this list off to older family members or friends.

Is a flat lottery a good way to encourage vaccinations?

Among the possible prizes are a brand new flat, shopping coupons, a Tesla electric car, gold bars and even a party on a private flight.

Here is a list of the vaccination incentives – now totalling at least HK$113 million in value – made public since May 26.