Swearing isn’t cool -just ask NBA superstar Stephen Curry

By Thebe Nimsing, True Light Girls’ College

Kids as young as five are using the “F” word, but as Stephen Curry’s mother reminded him, it is wrong to swear no matter the circumstances

By Thebe Nimsing, True Light Girls’ College |

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Stephen Curry's mother told him to wash his mouth out with soap after he swore during an NBA game.

I’m writing in response to the article, “Mind your mouth” (Young Post, May 25).

Swearing is very common today, and more students are using foul language to hurt each other’s feelings.

In my opinion, a lot of this is due to celebrities, who have a massive influence on teenagers and their behaviour. A lot of popular songs contain many swear words, which gradually leads people to think that swearing is normal, or even cool.

Whenever people become angry and start swearing at each other, it breaks my heart. Language is meant to be used as a way of connecting with others, not as a weapon to hurt people.

I recently heard the “F” word from a five-year-old and I was speechless. I couldn’t believe that kind of language was being used by someone so young, and so innocent.

To summarise, we need to avoid swearing to promote social harmony. Otherwise, it will have a bad influence on the next generation and affect the image of Hong Kong.

Thebe Nimsing, True Light Girls’ College

From the editor

Thank you for your letter, Thebe. You are quite right when you say that a lot of music that is popular with teens uses bad language, and it does make people less aware that using those words is bad.

But, what I think was good about the "Mind your mouth" story about NBA superstar Stephen Curry – who used the “F” word during an intense basketball game – was that he felt ashamed.

He knew what he had done was wrong and apologised to his fans. He was humble and strong enough to admit where he had gone wrong.

Just to remind our readers, Curry’s mother made a video of him swearing, sent it to him, and demanded that he wash his mouth out with soap.

Curry is a devout Christian and a role model to many young people. Hopefully he won’t do it again.

Susan, Editor