Just can't get enough

Compiled by John Kang

We asked our readers to tell us what they're addicted to recently, and here are our favourite answers ...

Compiled by John Kang |

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1. Keep folding on

The Japanese art of paper folding - origami. Fiddling around with pieces of paper and producing jaw-dropping artwork is amazing. Although having paper cuts all the time is a huge drawback!

Javier Hui, 15, Carmel Secondary School

2. (Fan)tastic

To be totally honest, I am addicted to reading Young Post. It not only provides me with material to read during the morning reading period, but it's also a channel to connect with other teens outside school, a way to learn about social affairs, and something that makes me laugh thanks to funny articles. The Top 10 is one of my favourite pages!

Yu Lok-yiu, 16, South Tuen Mun Government Secondary School

3. Let's kick it

I'm addicted to the football player Lionel Messi. His footwork is simply mesmerising; he's able to dribble past world-class defenders with ease. And best of all, he's hot!

Charlotte Fong, 12, St Paul's Convent School

4. Let's play pretend

I am addicted to watching anime. I can watch more than 10 episodes a day because it's just so much fun. The virtual world is creative, imaginative and even surprising. Anything is possible there, and I'm always discovering new worlds with all sorts of characters. The stories in anime always inspire me - they create places where I can escape the pressures of the real world until I am really ready. Anime has introduced me to a lot of good friends, who all share my love of anime.

Colin Cheung Wang-hei, 15, Law Ting Pong Secondary School

5. Baby Spice

I don't know if it's the Indian in me or just my taste buds, but I am seriously addicted to spice. At restaurants, especially Italian ones, you'll see me call for the waiter at least three times. First for the salt, second for chili flakes, and because neither of those satisfy me, the third time for Tabasco - a lot of it. Whether it's pasta, tofu or even spring rolls, I need my spice!

Nitika Chandiramani, 14, King George V School

6. Great story, bro

The drama The Empress of China. It's broadcast every day, so I can't avoid it. The best part is not the cast or set, but the thrilling story of the only Chinese empress. Plus, it helps me learn more about the Tang dynasty!

Kenny Cheung, 15, Law Ting Pong Secondary School

7. A League of its own

League of Legends! Many people think it's just a game, but the truth is that it's a war, a real competition, and it requires skills, heart and, more importantly, teamwork. Without skills, you may be the one who causes your team to lose; without heart, you cannot climb to the top; and without teamwork, you will never taste victory. I love this game!

Henry Tse, 15, Lui Cheung Kwong Lutheran College

8. Run it

I'm a sporty girl and love exercise, especially running. When I'm running, I feel free and happy. I'm addicted to it, and those feelings. It's that simple.

Kylie Fok Hei-tung, 14, Lui Cheung Kwong Lutheran College

9. Play on

Spotify, easily. Listening to music has always been my favourite thing to do, but listening to playlists my friends have created and being introduced to new songs is a completely new experience. I can't get enough.

Anushka Purohit, 15, Renaissance College Hong Kong

1o. Weather it out

I'm addicted to complaining about the weather, so this week's been great for my addiction.

Bakhita Fung, 14, Island School

Next week:

We had our first black rainstorm warning this week, so for our next Top 10, tell us your favourite thing to do when it rains. Send your answer, together with your name, age and school, to [email protected] with "Top 10: Rain" in the subject field. The best ones will be published on our next Top 10 page!