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Olivia Chavassieu
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by Paggie Leung
SCMP, page A1 & A3 January 4, 2010

1. Strong demand for the grain, coupled with production shortfalls in key countries
- in addition to production shortages -

2. Hong Kong people will have to pay more for the staple food
- main element in a diet -

3. It's possible it will surge by as much as 10 per cent
- rise -

4. Demand for the staple has outstripped supply with countries such as...
- has become bigger than -

6. they can buy a few bags of rice as reserve now
- back-up -

7. If stored in vacuum bags and kept in a cool place, it can last quite a while
- A vacuum bag is bag where air has been drawn out with a vacuum pump. The absence of air helped to preserve the food stored in the bag. -

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