It's a Carnevale of colour!

Compiled by John Kang

We hope you are ready for a party. It is Carnevale time at the Venetian Macao and everyone's invited

Compiled by John Kang |

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The Venetian Carnevale is back for a fourth year. Until April 13, The Venetian Macao will be transformed into an Italian carnival, featuring game booths, live music and the Venetian Light Storm show. And to make things even better, admission is free. Young Post's junior reporters checked out the fun.

Glitz and glamour

The Venetian Carnevale is based on the Carnival of Venice, which is a big party held every year in Italy to celebrate the beginning of Lent. The Venetian Macao version captured the vibe of a European Mardi Gras party, and combined it with a little bit of Macau glamour.

Actors paraded around the lagoon holding swords and wearing colourful costumes, complete with amazing masks. Nearby, stuntmen walked about on stilts, towering above the crowds. It was definitely one big party!

We managed to catch some great street performances, including shows by acrobats, and an urban drum crew, who wowed the crowd with their mid-air somersaults and musical energy.

Meanwhile, marching bands stomped by, performing pop songs in a big-band style. Jazzy, swing tunes were also played, bringing a touch of the modern to the otherwise Renaissance-styled surroundings. It certainly kept us swaying on the spot, itching to move our feet to the music.

Michelle Fasching

The game booths at the outdoor lagoon area included a variety of simple, fun games and workshops.

My favourite was the face-painting booth, where an artist painted a beautiful design on my face - a must at a carnival!

Helen Wong

Lightning strikes

The highlight of the Carnevale was the thrilling and spectacular lightning show. It is an amazing, must-see attraction that simply cannot be missed. The performance features an electrifying battle between the Lords of Lightning. The atmosphere is set with high voltage bolts of coloured electricity, as spooky sounds drift through the air.

Meanwhile, strange objects which look like heads float around the water. It is like some sort of strange, religious ritual - but in a good way!

Leanne Cheng and Vera Ho

We're always told to never stick our fingers into an electrical socket. Well, if you are stupid enough to ignore this advice, you would probably see something similar to the Venetian Light Storm!

We were amazed to see two men in metal suits appearing on two stages which were floating on water. They fought each other with what looked like four million volts of electricity shooting through their hands. The scene could have been straight out of Star Wars.

It was cloudy and windy during the show, but along with the music, this helped turn an already electrifying atmosphere into a truly memorable occasion. William Cheng and Kevin Chiu

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