Epicland unleashes upon Discovery Bay zombies, fruit ninjas and epic VR fun

Rhea MogulAdy Lam

Junior reporters Ady Lam and Christine Ling enter an exciting world of zombies, spies and flying fruit as they try out the new VR experiences

Rhea MogulAdy Lam |

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Junior reporters Christine Ling (left) and Ady Lam right before they embark on an epic VR adventure.

Epicland, the indoor entertainment centre in Discovery Bay, may be famous for its slides, rock-climbing walls and air-trek facilities. It’s also known best as a hangout for younger kids, but it’s the play zone’s newest additions that will be sure to attract even more visitors, of all ages.

The centre recently launched some VR games, offering a unique and thrilling experience as you travel to another world and fight zombies, ride roller coasters, and dare to walk through a haunted house.

We entered the VR Arena and decided to start with a classic game, Fruit Ninja. Once we put on our headsets, we were completely immersed in the game, with fruits flying at us from all different directions! This was so much more engaging than just swiping on our phone screens.

It was difficult to keep up with all the flying fruit, and even though we knew they weren’t really going to hit us, the visuals were so realistic that we still kept ducking and dodging.

It wasn’t easy at first, but after a few minutes, we got the hang of it and Christine even set a record high score!

Christine set a new high score at Fruit Ninja in the VR arena.
Photo: Rhea Mogul

Following the epic (no pun intended) game, we sat inside a VR simulator – a pod that tilts and swirls in every direction – ready for our next adventure. You can choose your desired experience from a range of options: as super-fans of horror movies, we decided to enter a haunted house. All of a sudden, lifelike visuals of monsters and other horrifying creatures were jumping at us from every corner of the room. Along with fun special effects and high-quality sounds, it felt like we were in another universe.

Last but not least, it was time for us to try the laser obstacle course. This activity involved us having to crawl under a series of laser lights, without making contact with them.

It definitely tested our flexibility and allowed us to channel our inner James Bond. It felt like we were on a top secret mission! Something we once thought we would only see in movies, we were now experiencing it first-hand.

This is so much different to playing games on your phone or console. We guarantee the VR experience at Epicland will turn you into an avid fan of this new and exciting technology.

Edited by Nicole Moraleda