Chris Dwyer
Chris Dwyer
Chris Dwyer has lived in Hong Kong since 2005 and writes on travel and food for platforms including CNN, BBC and South China Morning Post. He has visited 80 countries to date and aims to double that, but still maintains that the only way is Essex.

The Qatar World Cup is the first in a Muslim and Middle Eastern country, and overseas fans can expect efficient transport, great food, and restrictions on consuming alcoholic drinks.

Travel is all about experiencing a place’s culinary culture and ingredients. eating Japanese food with geisha in Kyoto to shucking oysters in Tasmania, five itineraries to make your mouth water.

Umami, or ‘the fifth taste’, has been achieved for millennia by fermenting seafood. Today it’s no different – we meet chefs who are using fermented fish sauces for the ultimate flavour kick.

Pho is the undisputed king of Vietnam’s noodle dishes, but there are hundreds of lesser-known regional specialities that are just as creative and delicious. We try three from Hanoi, Hoi An and Phu Quoc.

From a world-class French restaurant to Japanese fine dining to the city’s first gin distillery, here are seven of the very best new openings for you to try.

Travelling between Da Nang and Quy Nhon, The Vietage targets guests staying at Anantara resorts in both cities, is priced at US$350 for a one-way ticket, and includes a massage.

No Indian meal is complete without a chutney, and there is one for every season, says Palash Mitra of Hong Kong group Black Sheep Restaurants. Sweet or savoury, spicy or mild, chutneys come in endless variety.

Leisure travel from Hong Kong is not an option now with Covid-19 rules, but when it is, these residents know just where they would go, from the Amazon jungle to Greek ruins to Wimbledon for tennis.

Balsamic vinegar has a long history in Italy. Made from wine grapes and aged in wooden barrels, the best vinegars can be eaten with almost anything, from cheese, fish, meat, fruit to desserts.

From the non-family-friendly lifestyle to male-leaning promotion paths, these women hotel general managers from Hong Kong and Vietnam give their take on the career obstacles they faced.

Black and white truffles from Italy, dug up in places like Alba and Chianti, are used in some of the world’s finest dishes, but experiencing them on home turf is tough to top.

From chicken rice in Singapore and fish and chips in Britain to white sandy beaches in India, these kitchen artists rave about things they can’t wait to get back to in their homelands.

Hong Kong’s sudden change to quarantine rules has left travellers stranded around the world. Four returning travellers share their horror stories trying to rearrange flights and hotels.

Instead of heading to your usual restaurants in Hong Kong, seek out these hidden gems – we sample an Indian-Afghan private kitchen, locavore cooking and barbecue on a beach in the New Territories and Lantau.

The food, catching up with friends and family, meeting people and seeing new places, just the act of getting away from Hong Kong – recent travellers tell us what’s best about their trips.

Former Pan Am flight attendant Anne Sweeney tells Chris Dwyer about serving American soldiers during the Vietnam war, teaching her Hong Kong ‘cook boy’ to make a BLT, and the welcome she got this century upon her return to Vietnam.

Three couples who work together in top Hong Kong restaurants, talk about the chemistry that allows their relationships to thrive amid the pressures of their trade.

The diversity of cuisines served in Hong Kong never ceases to surprise visitors. From Ukrainian comfort food to Burmese pork stew and jollof rice from Ghana, we are introduced to some new flavours.

Wine, pens and a lot of garden parties: the British monarch’s Sovereign Grant provides millions for everything from stationery and travel to entertainment, wine and spirits

Covid-19 has forced travel marketers to get creative, and a recent top 25 list from Britain, ‘Self-care capitals of the world for 2021’ used some intriguing criteria to produce some interesting results.

From clever and playful raw vegan creations to plant-based Cantonese fine dining, restaurants are offering new vegan and vegetarian experiences to entice diners.

A cup of tea with Prince Charles, forgotten lemon tarts passed under London’s Tower Bridge – chefs who have catered for the super-rich look back at the exclusive events they’ve been a part of.

Home baking trended in 2020, but that didn’t slow down business at artisan bakeries in Hong Kong. Using the best ingredients and time-honoured recipes, they bake bread and pastries which their customers buy straight from the oven.

Ensuring a restaurant service runs smoothly and every guest is happy is not a job for the faint-hearted. We talk to three maître d’s about their duties and why they are so passionate about their careers.

Autumn is game season, and chefs around the world are adding wild meat to their menus. We talk to some of Hong Kong’s top chefs about their favourite game dishes.

Durian may be banned in hotels and on public transport in several countries across the region, but the stinky Southeast Asian fruit is only growing in popularity