Keith Mundy
Keith Mundy
Based in Bangkok since 1989 as a freelance writer and photographer, Keith Mundy focuses on travel and culture features and has contributed dozens to the Post Magazine on subjects worldwide, as well as to a wide range of other magazines in Asia and elsewhere. He has been to 97 countries and territories and will see more, as long as there’s a good reason.

Architect Bill Bensley bought the 350-hectare plot on which Shinta Mani Wild is located with the aim of offering an unrivalled guest experience while protecting the environment.

The countryside of central France gave novelist Colette a break from Paris, provided shelter and inspiration for Chanel’s revolutionary designer, and helped feminist Simone de Beauvoir find personal and sexual freedom.

Michelin’s headquarters in Clermont-Ferrand is home to L’Aventure Michelin, a unique museum dedicated to the company that transformed road transport. But the ‘black city’ also offers great hikes and unusual architecture


Before her execution by firing squad 100 years ago today, Mata Hari lived an opulent life, hopping from bed to bed in some of the most exclusive hotels Europe had to offer

The ‘five foot alleys’ of the historic Chinatown on Malaysia’s east coast, a cultural melting pot for centuries, have been transformed by themed murals celebrating the settlement’s history and its great and good

When you’re done relaxing at the Malaysian east coast resort, you can take off on tours to the local fishing port or an energetic trek to a jungle waterfall

The turquoise bays and fabulous views outshine the star power of the celebrities with homes on the Italian holiday isle, and more than make up for the inevitable crowds of package tourists, writes Keith Mundy.

South Vietnam's wartime command centre, the Independence Palace, in Ho Chi Minh City, is a monument that is both tragic and beautifully retro.

The ancient Ethiopian walled city of Harar has been attracting adventurers for centuries - but not all of them have come face to face with a hyena. Words and pictures by Keith Mundy.

Bhutan's Punakha Valley is dotted with references to the Divine Madman and his weapon of mass seduction. Words and pictures by Keith Mundy.

I want a hotel, not a hostel! It is a hotel, now, a massive one, but it was a hostel and then a hospital for several centuries, having been built by the king and queen of Spain in 1499 right next to the colossal Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela.

Two very different French chateaux have been transformed into unique, world-class art galleries. Words and pictures by Keith Mundy.