Marianne Bray

Two Hong Kong institutions have been singled out as exceptional ‘green schools’ in the city, teaching ecological literacy that will stand their pupils in good stead as the job market increasingly values green credentials

Civil society groups hope to put pressure on Hong Kong government to tackle air, soil and water pollution, and measure their impact on health, by making submission to United Nations review of progress on sustainable development

More coral species than the Caribbean, more bird species than New York or London, over a quarter of China’s marine species – nature is bountiful in Hong Kong, and citizens of all ages are being encouraged to record and safeguard it


Snacks made from worms or bugs, food grown on rooftops and hydroponically in old buildings, desktop hives for insects – innovators are changing agriculture and the very notion of what constitutes food; what’s missing is scale


A climbing frame made from bamboo is part of an initiative to draw Hong Kong children closer to nature and away from the usual plastic playground equipment