Sofia Suarez
Sofia Suarez
Style writer, personal shopper and teacher, Sofia A. Suárez, contributes to newspapers, magazines, travel guides and luxury brands around the world. Born and raised in Hong Kong, the Filipina-Italian attended Georgetown University before moving to New York to begin her career at Fairchild Publications. She has been a contributor to the Post since 1999, focusing on fashion, art and design.

The industry is under tremendous pressure, with plunging sales and fashion weeks and red-carpet events cancelled or postponed. But brands are fast embracing tech to counter the impact of the pandemic.

The 18-year old singer opened her new tour with a powerful comment on the way women’s bodies are valued. While more designers are dressing more curvaceous forms, the fashion industry still has a long way to go.


From operating theatre to fashion runway, designers put their own, often absurd twist on the face mask, Hong Kong’s new everyday accessory.

Fashion designer Phoebe Philo kicked off the trend in Adidas Stan Smiths in 2011, and nearly every big brand followed suit. But at what environmental cost?

A face full of shimmer, as seen at Valentino’s haute couture show in Beijing, may be taking it a bit too far, because a little goes a long way.

Is it really better to give than to receive? Try neither. With so much waste clogging up the planet, it’s time we tried a new approach.

In Hong Kong, rent runway fashion from as little as US$20 a day at companies such as Yeechoo, Wardrobista and Pret-a-dress. It’s no-waste, and it lets you experiment wearing something you’d probably never buy.

Grey hair is a full-fledged fashion trend, but you don’t have to be young and gorgeous to carry it off. Let’s make this a movement against the pressure to never age

As more and more brands ban fur from their shelves, it seems faux fur – made from plastic – is gaining traction. But more plastic is the last thing our planet needs.

Named for a US military fabric, the word came into use when American troops stationed in the Philippines started wearing trousers made from cotton twill from China.

High heels, jewellery and dresses? Forget it. When you’re focusing all your energies on that tiny human you made, practical fashion choices are a no-brainer.

While designers bring back cycle shorts, track shorts and – shudder – denim bermudas, this season’s mid-thigh, tailored shorts are easier to wear

Sophisticated at Proenzer Schouler, subtle at Sacai, quirky at Prada and old-school psychedelic at The Elder Statesman, the whimsical pattern receives a high-fashion update.

Babies in drop-crotch skinny jeans? Shoes so rigid a toddler can’t walk? Styling youngsters in the latest high fashion is a bizarre but lucrative industry innovation

The ‘performance’ technology in yoga pants is the result of an environmentally hazardous textile production process, but some brands are stepping up their eco games.

While ‘camp’ might be an ambiguous theme, there are certain rules to costume parties – don’t use it as an excuse to wear very little, and by all means, commit.

Le Petit Chiquito Mini is another stroke of Instagrammable genius from French designer Simon Porte Jacquemus. Measuring just 5cm, the bag is a triumph of the conceptual over the useful.