China's military

Beijing's goal to turn the People’s Liberation Army into a powerful fighting force
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Latest news, features and opinion on the military in China, including the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), the development of warships, aircraft carriers and fighter jets, spending on the armed forces and reforms and modernisation. US-China and mainland-Taiwan military tensions and the deployment of China’s armed forces overseas are also covered.

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China’s ‘Peace and Friendship’ drills with five Asean member states is further evidence of Beijing’s move towards multilateral defence cooperation.
Meeting between China and the US is not only about avoiding doomsday, but a show of joint leadership that can bring a troubled world to a better place.
If the US needed millions of dollars to shoot down a couple of hobbyist balloons, a trillion-dollar military budget is not enough to fight China.
SCMP ColumnistAlex Lo
Western military fabulists now warn that China may be expanding naval bases around the world faster than you can count aloud.
SCMP ColumnistAlex Lo
Some experts say China should – like some other nations – aspire to a standard where it makes clear the intent behind its military strategy and defence procurement plans.
As Beijing hasn’t fought a major war since its 1980s reforms, any budget increase could be described as ‘the biggest military build-up in peacetime history’.
SCMP ColumnistAlex Lo
Alongside calls for more military spending, there are demands to address climate change and rebuild health systems even as governments struggle with record debt levels. A series of squeezes are set to cut deep into spending that is best directed elsewhere.
As tensions rise in the Taiwan Strait, analysts predict a global economic and political disaster in case of an attack. To ensure the possibility of forced reunification remains slim, moderate voices are needed urgently.
Despite the prospect of protracted fiscal and monetary austerity, defence budgets around the world are ballooning. This is absurd when the world should be focusing on preventing pandemics, surviving climate change and eradicating poverty.
Fake news about a coup in Beijing last week offered those who followed it a rare glimpse in real time into how malicious falsehoods are spread quickly online around the world.
SCMP ColumnistAlex Lo
President Xi Jinping’s vision for China’s military to be seen as world-class defence, peace and security force by 2027 is to be welcomed.
Beijing wrong-footed Washington and its allies by aiming for the Indo-Pacific Strategy’s soft underbelly. The significance of their rivalry for regional security cannot be overstated.
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