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Coronavirus vaccine FAQs including the latest timetable for vaccine rollout and vaccine efficacy data plus news and updates on research into a vaccine to combat coronavirus which has infected tens of millions of people and led to the deaths of more than three million around the globe.

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China is revving up its engines of growth by relaxing interest rates and releasing fiscal stimulus while the US and Europe tighten policies and rates to fight inflation. But near-term risks remain, especially from Covid-19, so solid improvements may not be seen until the next quarter.
While the relatively smaller scale of the Omicron outbreak owes much to the city’s aggressive quarantine and testing regime, the lengthy queues and growing grievances show that the situation leaves a lot to be desired
The travel and tourism sector is bleeding worldwide, but as a home for global business, Hong Kong has been hit especially hard. Given the gravity of the challenges, it is counterproductive for our government to persist with its hermit-economy zero-Covid strategy.
While the data suggests such jabs are safe, and Omicron has raised the stakes, ultimately it should be for parents to weigh the risks and benefits, writes Bhavan Jaipragas.
By following science-based guidelines, Hong Kong can help prevent its youngsters coming to harm from disruptions to face-to-face teaching at such a formative time.
Better preparation and a decisive response remain the key to bring city out of this vicious circle.
Hong Kong’s elderly should have been first in line to get vaccinated but repeated calls fell on deaf ears – until, that is, a restaurant ban was announced. If only authorities had realised that sooner, Hong Kong would be in a much better position to deal with Omicron.
SCMP ColumnistPeter Kammerer
Canberra has only itself to blame for allowing unvaccinated tennis champion to fly into the country, then locking him up in quarantine and threatening him with deportation ahead of the Australian Open
Workers from overseas make a valuable contribution to the economy and tough Covid-19 restrictions on those entering Hong Kong are hurting local families.
Tightening of social-distancing restrictions, ban on eating in restaurants after 6pm and the closure of many public facilities take the city back to square one in the Covid-19 battle.
People have had long enough to get inoculated against Covid-19 and from February 24 they will be banned from entering city restaurants, government leisure venues and schools.
The crash of a health app in Xian tests efforts to stop the spread of the coronavirus.
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