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Coronavirus vaccine FAQs including the latest timetable for vaccine rollout and vaccine efficacy data plus news and updates on research into a vaccine to combat the new strain of coronavirus which has infected tens of millions of people and led to the deaths of more than a million around the globe.

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As the world death toll nears 3 million, poorer countries continue to register surges in cases owing to the uneven production and distribution of vaccines.
Hong Kong will not be accepting stocks of the vaccine this year owing to concern over blood clots, raising hopes that bookings for available jabs in a sceptical city will increase.
Hong Kong needs to closely monitor Covid-19 surges in the Philippines, India and Pakistan and accelerate its vaccine programme while maintaining public health measures.
Celebrations over the latest WTO trade projections are muted, but at gloomy times like this we need to draw comfort where we can. We should be thankful for small mercies given the dire predictions we were hearing a year ago at this time.
Officials must guard against bookings confusion after inoculations given safety go-ahead following ‘packaging defects’ in city where most people are not fully vaccinated.
Without working together, there is little hope of tackling unprecedented vaccine supply challenges, waiving vaccine patent rights and agreeing on vaccine passports.
Economies that have failed to control the virus so far might be able to compensate with successful vaccination programmes. Those who can catch up at this part of the race against Covid-19 can still emerge from the pandemic stronger.
As governments look to safely resume cross-border journeys there is much talk of vaccine passports, ‘travel bubbles’ and digital certificates when the world needs a single viable mechanism.
Public must not get the wrong message with the easing of Covid-19 restrictions and remain alert, especially with the Easter holiday approaching.
Overseas, firms are offering incentives to customers and employees who take the jab, an idea that should also be explored in Hong Kong
Concerns over BioNTech must be nipped in the bud, and the onus falls on the companies providing the jabs and the governments that approve them.
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