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Loh bok goh - steamed radish cake - from Dashijie in Hong Kong being pan-fried for serving. Photo: SCMP/K. Y. Cheng
How to make Lunar New Year dishes to bring luck, happiness and money

Chinese Feasts & Festivals describes in detail how to make dishes traditionally served at Chinese festivals such as Lunar New Year.

4 hours ago
Buddha’s delight, a vegetarian dish traditionally eaten over the Lunar New Year holiday to bring prosperity. Photo: Jonathan Wong
How to make Buddha’s delight, a vegetarian Lunar New Year dish

This Lunar New Year dish, meant to bring prosperity, is a mix of fresh and dried ingredients, and many alternatives can be substituted if you can’t find them in the shops.

21 Jan 2022 - 4:15AM
Richard Ekkebus, the culinary director of the Landmark Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong and its fine-dining restaurant, Amber, pushes its sustainability message to staff and diners. Photo: Jonathan Wong
Profile | ‘I want to make a difference’: Michelin-star chef on sustainability

Landmark Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong culinary director Richard Ekkebus tells Bernice Chan how he educates staff to reduce waste and how he made two-Michelin-star Amber’s menu 75 per cent plant-based.

18 Jan 2022 - 12:45PM
Rice with gondre (Korean thistle) greens. Photo: Shutterstock
Korean temple food and the Buddhist ethos at home: it starts in the kitchen

Korean monks and nuns ‘prepare food in sincere devotion and mindfulness’, and you can too with the recipes in Korean Temple Food – With Gratitude for Life and Prayers for Peace.

17 Jan 2022 - 4:15AM
The plastic rubbish accumulated by one hotel guest who attempted to limit his plastic waste as much as possible during a recent 21-day stay at Ovolo Southside in Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong. The amount does not include the 231 pieces of “biodegradable” food containers he accumulated. Photo: Stephen McCarty
What to do about masses of plastic waste from Hong Kong’s hotel quarantine?

Food containers, water bottles, shower caps, toothbrushes – hotel guests can get through heaps of plastic in 21 days. We find out if anything can be done to cut it down.

15 Jan 2022 - 10:49AM
A meat-free mapo tofu - mushrooms add plenty of texture and bean curd provides the protein. Photo: Jonathan Wong
How to make vegetarian mapo tofu: mushrooms so good you won’t miss the meat

Mapo tofu is easy to convert into a vegetarian dish and mushrooms add to its texture so much you won’t miss the meat.

14 Jan 2022 - 10:03AM
The private chef Gabriel Chung Chi-sang tells Bernice Chan about his motivations and how he came to be cooking Nordic food in Hong Kong. Photo: Winson Wong
Profile | ‘The fridge is filled with jars like a laboratory’: a chef’s Nordic journey

A late bloomer at Le Cordon Bleu cookery school in Paris, chef Gabriel Chung tells Bernice Chan about 17-hour days, swapping restaurant kitchens for private catering, and how he got into pickling and fermentation.

13 Jan 2022 - 4:30PM
In King of Abalones, Yeung Koon-yat explains what makes the ingredient, for which he is famous, so special. Photo: Dickson Lee
The kitchen secrets of Hong Kong’s ‘Abalone King’ Yeung Koon-yat

Yeung Koon-yat rose from extreme poverty to found his Forum Restaurant in Hong Kong in 1974. He explains what makes dried abalones so special, and how to cook them, in a 1998 book.

10 Jan 2022 - 4:15AM
Butadon (pork belly rice) is a simple but hearty Japanese dish. Photo: Jonathan Wong
How to make butadon – Japanese rice bowls with pork and onion

Japanese rice bowls – donburi – can have many toppings. Butadon has sliced pork belly and onions, topped with an egg yolk.

10 Jan 2022 - 11:48AM
Roasted cauliflower, mushroom and garlic tart with piment d’Espelette butter. Photo: Jonathan Wong
How to make roasted vegetable tart with piment d’Espelette butter

The subtle kick of chilli in the pastry for this tart comes from the butter – if you can’t find piment d’Espelette butter, you can easily make your own.

31 Dec 2021 - 5:21PM
Milie Kim of Kim’s Spoon at her restaurant in Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong. Photo: Xiaomei Chen
Profile | Korean fast food pioneer in Hong Kong builds on her mother’s legacy

Milie Kim, the owner of 19 restaurants including Kim’s Bowl, Korea House and Kim’s Spoon, tells Bernice Chan about launching Korean fast food in Hong Kong and winning over her sceptical mother.

28 Dec 2021 - 1:25PM
The chefs of the restaurant Disfrutar, Eduard Xatruch (right), Oriol Castro (left), and Mateu Casañas (centre) in Barcelona, Spain. They are the chefs behind Disfrutar Vol. 1. Photo: Getty Images
Three chefs bring the magic of two-Michelin-star Disfrutar to your kitchen

El Bulli founder Ferran Adrià writes the foreword to Disfrutar Vol. 1, a two-volume set written by the chefs behind two-Michelin-star Disfrutar restaurant in Barcelona. Expect recipes, stories and more.

27 Dec 2021 - 4:15AM
Bread pudding with whisky sauce and home-made crème anglaise is an indulgent adult-only dessert. Photo: Jonathan Wong
How to make bread pudding with whisky sauce and home-made custard

Three custards and whisky make this a rich, indulgent adult-only dessert. Cooking custard takes patience, a low heat and plenty of stirring.

27 Dec 2021 - 9:12AM
Five-spice roasted pork rack, a good dish to cook for a Christmas holiday crowd, needs two days of advance preparation to ensure the moist meat and crispy crackling. Photo: May Tse
How to make five-spice roast pork rack with crispy crackling

Perfect roast pork must not be dry and the crackling has to be crispy – this recipe will ensure your rack of pork is cooked to absolute perfection.

21 Dec 2021 - 5:58AM
Christophe Sapy is the French executive pastry chef at the Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong. He talks to Bernice Chan. Photo: May Tse
Profile | Chef who catered to French-speaking Thai princess on the science of pastry

Christophe Sapy, the French executive pastry chef at the Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong, tells Bernice Chan about learning from others and passing on his knowledge, and catering to a Thai princess.

14 Dec 2021 - 4:15PM
Children  at a Christmas party at the Royal Hong Kong Lifeguard Club in December, 1978. Scenes like these were not always part and parcel of the city’s seasonal celebrations. Photo: SCMP
Then & Now | Christmas in Hong Kong was a celebration as varied as its population once

Flashy decorations, snow-covered Christmas trees and Santa Claus – they’re part and parcel of the Hong Kong festive season now, but how did the city celebrate the Christian festival in the past?

13 Dec 2021 - 8:45AM
Coq Au Vin from The Official Downton Abbey Christmas Cookbook by Regula Ysewijn
Eat like a lord this Christmas with the Downton Abbey cookbook

The Official Downton Abbey Christmas Cookbook has plenty of extravagant dishes to suggest, and some have hardly changed in the past 100 years.

13 Dec 2021 - 4:15AM
Pork pie with chestnuts and Chinese sausage. Made with puff pastry, it is delicate and light enough to be a starter to a holiday meal or make a contribution to a holiday buffet. Photo: SCMP/May Tse
How to make pork pie with chestnuts and Chinese sausage, a holiday treat

This is nothing like your English pork pie – it’s pretty, delicate and light. Serve it as a starter at a holiday meal or add it to your holiday buffet.

10 Dec 2021 - 4:15AM
Wa-En Kappo’s Botan shrimp tempura with caviar and shiso. Photo: Wa-En Kappo
Profile | Tempura chef on the tricks of the trade and his favourite ingredient

Kris Wong Ming-yin, the head chef at Wa-En Kappo in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong, tells Bernice Chan about perfecting his tempura skills and why he loves Japanese ingredients.

7 Dec 2021 - 6:02PM
Turkish meze. Photo: Getty Images
‘World’s greatest kitchen’: exploring the food of Istanbul and Black Sea

Award-winning author Caroline Eden’s beautiful and evocative book Black Sea is an inspiring account of a journey through a historic region – the recipes are a bonus.

6 Dec 2021 - 4:15AM