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Two auspicious shrimp dishes for the Lunar New Year

Garlic and chilli shrimp and stir-fried shrimp with sugar peas – dishes that will bring happiness in the Year of the Rat.

5 hours ago
‘Us women need to make some noise,’ says Italian chef

Valeria Piccini, the chef-owner of Michelin two-star Caino, in Tuscany, grew up around food and has always loved cooking.

14 Jan 2020 - 3:00PM
The future of food, according to a plant-focused Spanish chef

Rodrigo De la Calle’s first attempt at making vegetables the star found few takers in a meat-loving world. But, having learned from his experience in China, the Spanish chef has since become a force to be reckoned with.

12 Jan 2020 - 6:34PM
How to make cashew chicken unlike any you’ll find in Hong Kong

A Chinese-American dish packed with moist meat and crispy vegetables.

10 Jan 2020 - 8:00PM
Old Hong Kong inspires a modern Chinese vegetarian restaurant

Designed by JJ Acuna / Bespoke Studio, heritage touches, soft curves and exquisite lighting give the eatery its warm, inviting atmosphere.

10 Jan 2020 - 5:01PM
How beef brought Wagyumafia chef and David Beckham together

Hisato Hamada, the chef and co-founder of the Tokyo and Hong Kong restaurants, talks about his circuitous route to cooking.

9 Jan 2020 - 12:56PM
Two light Asian vegetarian dishes to enjoy between the holidays

Steamed tofu with ginger, garlic, spring onion and chillies is bursting with flavour, not calories.

8 Jan 2020 - 10:42AM
High tea gets a healthy makeover in a Hong Kong hotel

Fuel mind and body with a superfood-packed afternoon tea at W Hotel’s Woobar.

2 Jan 2020 - 4:30PM
The Food of China finds a common thread to all regional cuisines

Authors Deh-Ta Hsiung and Nina Simonds acknowledge national taste for balance of flavours, variety of cooking styles.

1 Jan 2020 - 4:44AM
‘Long hours, yelling and bad salary’ almost made chef quit career

Eelke Plasmeijer, the chef and co-owner of Locavore, in Ubud, has found his happy place in Bali.

30 Dec 2019 - 3:43PM
How to make Cantonese lobster with ginger and spring onions

Spoil yourself with this luxurious lobster dish, and serve it with champagne for a celebratory meal.

23 Dec 2019 - 8:00PM
Then & Now | Why is cheese so expensive in Hong Kong?

With much of the population repulsed by milk, dairy products have long been considered luxury items.

23 Dec 2019 - 11:00AM
You want to be a chef? It’s not like on TV, Peru No.1 says

Mitsuharu Tsumura, chef-owner of Maido, in Lima, No.1 on Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants list, talks about living and cooking in the now, why being a chef is about having a passion for food, not fame, and his first foray into Asia – Aji, in Macau.

18 Dec 2019 - 3:50AM
How the ‘hellish cityscape of Beijing’ inspired a cookbook

The Art of Escapism Cooking came about when author Mandy Lee was forced to endure six ‘miserable’ years in the Chinese capital.

16 Dec 2019 - 5:00AM
Two quick and easy recipes to get you through the holiday season

These pasta recipes – Thai noodles and carbonara – take just 30 minutes and are as hearty as they are delicious.

12 Dec 2019 - 10:27AM
‘If you have a bottle of soy sauce, you can make Japanese food’

Japanese-American food writer Sonoko Sakai shows how seasonal dishes can be adapted for any kitchen. Recipes include fresh soba noodles, koji-marinated salmon and Santa Maria-style tri tip beef with yakumi.

7 Dec 2019 - 9:00PM
Hong Kong seafood ‘as good as in Japanese fish market’ – chef

After cooking up a storm in Tokyo and London, itinerant sushi chef Mitsuhiro Araki has opened a branch of his eponymous restaurant in Tsim Sha Tsui’s Heritage 1881.

6 Dec 2019 - 6:00PM
How to make fried wontons with sweet-and-sour sauce

This finger food is the perfect way to kick off the party season, suitable for all but the most formal occasions.

11 Dec 2019 - 3:48PM
Meet Italian chef Igles Corelli, the master of crispy lasagne

Corelli has several Michelin stars under his belt and tattooed on his arm.

3 Dec 2019 - 3:00PM