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Technology in human and machine concept as advanced tech or robots taking over humanity and people merging with a cyborg or computers idea with 3D render elements.

CREDIT: Getty Images

Why more people want a world without humans – it’s not all climate change

More thinkers see positives in human extinction, from anti-humanists who want us wiped out for our environmental crimes, to transhumanists who welcome AI taking over.

30 Jan 2023 - 4:15PM
Abagold uses a Japanese technique to dry abalone over three weeks that is under a locked security system, South Africa, November 2022.

CREDIT: Linda Givetash

Diners at risk: how Asian appetites for abalone foster crime in South Africa

Abalone’s popularity in Hong Kong and other parts of Asia has fuelled a booming illegal trade in South Africa that is threatening the safety of unsuspecting consumers while enriching organised-crime syndicates.

28 Jan 2023 - 10:41AM
Chinese Christians pray at a state-sanctioned Catholic Church in Xining, China. A Protestant church founded in Shanghai in the 1920s continues to operate underground in China - and openly in the United States, where it recruits arriving Chinese migrants. Photo: China Photos/Getty Images

Why Chinese church offering ‘de-Westernised’ Christianity thrives in the US

Founded in 1920s Shanghai, the Local Church has spread to touch the lives of many in the US. A former atheist traces how he found God among this congregation.

22 Jan 2023 - 7:45AM
South Korean director Park Chan-Wook at the 75th edition of the Cannes Film Festival in Cannes in 2022. The legendary Korean filmmaker talks about his new movie and his past career. Photo: AFP

BTS, politics, Hitchcock: Oldboy, Decision to Leave director reveals all

Korean filmmaker Park Chan-wook has a reputation for shocking audiences with extreme violence. His latest film is a love story. Has he changed his ways?

15 Jan 2023 - 7:45AM
2007  Lianzhou International Photography Festival poster.

CREDIT: Lianzhou International Photography Festival

The slow, painful demise of one of China’s best photography festivals

Lianzhou Foto was halted by the pandemic but cracks had begun to show years earlier, with authorities removing exhibits in an atmosphere of ever-tighter restrictions on self-expression.

8 Jan 2023 - 11:15AM
Social credit score concept, Smart AI analytics identify person technology, Intelligent rating, reputation.

How China’s social credit system actually works – it’s not how you think

Is there really a scary algorithm behind China’s social credit system amassing data and deciding an individual’s worth to society? No. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t concerns.

8 Jan 2023 - 9:03PM
Murder on the Shanghai Express. Illustration: Huy Truong

Festive fiction: Murder on the Shanghai Express – a Christmas whodunit

’Twas the night before Christmas, and for senior detective John Creighton, the journey from Peking to join his family is derailed by a body, a brandy and a bloody whodunit.

25 Dec 2022 - 7:45AM
Film director Clara Law Cheuk-yiu at M+ Cinema in West Kowloon, where a restored print of her debut feature film is screening. Born in Macau and long based in Australia, she tells the Post why Hong Kong never felt like home. Photo: Jonathan Wong

Clara Law on what drives her filmmaking and why Hong Kong was never home

Macau-born, Melbourne-based filmmaker Clara Law talks about the poetic quest for truth and beauty that defines her career, and why she never felt completely at home in Hong Kong.

12 Dec 2022 - 12:54PM
Postmag December 4, 2022
Illustration: Victor Sanjinez Garcia

Chinese students pay for ‘guaranteed acceptance’ into elite US universities

By falsifying grades, academic transcripts and personal statements, education ‘consultants’ are helping Chinese students gain entrance to elite universities in the United States – for a fat fee.

7 Dec 2022 - 10:54AM
Fishermen walking across the refuse at Chorkor beach near Accra.

‘The white man’s waste’: why fast fashion is burying African beaches

‘Recycling’ schemes from fast-fashion giants like H&M and Zara result in less than 1 per cent of old clothes turned into new items. In nations like Ghana, the result is all around.

3 Dec 2022 - 6:15PM
Lumen helps guide you to understand how your metabolism is working so you can optimize your routine for YOUR body for the best results.

CREDIT: Facebook / Lumen

Lose weight by hacking your metabolism – how it works

Hacking your metabolism can help your body burn fat and carbs more efficiently so you can lose weight better, with the ultimate aim to achieve ‘metabolic flexibility’.

27 Nov 2022 - 7:15AM
Postmag November 27, 2022
Man + machine
Illustration: Mario Rivera

AI is rewriting the rules of creativity. Should it be stopped?

From pop music to painting, the rapid rise of artificial intanelligence and machine learning is transforming the way people create. But that’s not necessarily a good thing.

7 Dec 2022 - 10:54AM
Mama Bakara in her house, Kenya. Photo: Shawn Yuan

The story of Africans descended from 15th century Chinese sailors lives on

‘We were pretty sure they were Chinese’: the Kenyans who believe they’re descended from shipwrecked sailors of 15th century admiral Zheng He’s fleet.

20 Nov 2022 - 9:15AM
Pham Hong Thai, who tried to assassinate the French governor of Indochina at a hotel in Canton (now Guangzhou) in 1924. .

The Guangzhou hotel bomber whose anti-colonial spirit inspired Ho Chi Minh

In June 1924, a hotel was bombed in Guangzhou in an attempt to assassinate the French governor of Indochina. The plot failed, but the bomber’s influence was far-reaching.

19 Nov 2022 - 1:15PM