Race Cards / Horse Changes

3 December 2023 - Sha Tin

Gear Changes
2(10) CALL ME TEDDY(blinkers removed, tongue tie)
3(4) CAN'T GO WONG(visor removed, tongue tie)
3(R) PRINCE CHISWICK(Crossed Nose Band)
4(3) FRUITY WARRIOR(1st-time tongue tie)
4(4) HAPPYDEARHAPPYDEER(1st-time tongue tie)
5(4) FLYING DRAGON(Crossed Nose Band)
5(9) PANDA LEGEND(1st-time tongue tie)
5(R) DIAMOND FLARE(2nd-time blinkers)
6(1) KURPANY(blinkers removed, 1st-time pacifiers, tongue tie)
7(5) YELLOWFIN(Crossed Nose Band)
7(7) VIVA HUNTER(blinkers removed, tongue tie)
7(11) RED ACLAIM(1st-time pacifiers, tongue tie)
8(10) ONLY U(1st-time tongue tie)
9(11) YEABOI(2nd-time blinkers, tongue tie)
9(12) KING OF THE COURT(blinkers removed)
10(1) AWESOME FLUKE(1st-time tongue tie)
10(10) MIDORI BURLY(1st-time Crossed Nose Band)
10(14) SUPER TEN(Crossed Nose Band)
Trainer Changes
5(9) PANDA LEGENDA. T. MillardW. Y. So
Suspended Jockeys
Currently Suspended JockeysDetailsSuspendedResuming
H. BentleyImproper conduct03/11/202303/01/2024
B. AvdullaCareless riding03/12/202304/12/2023
Deferred Suspended JockeysDetailsSuspendedResuming
K. De. MeloCareless riding06/12/202307/12/2023
M. ChadwickCareless riding06/12/202307/12/2023
M. F. PoonFailed to ride his mount out approaching the end of the race to the satisfaction of the Stewards06/12/202324/12/2023
Y. L. ChungCareless riding06/12/202311/12/2023
Y. L. ChungCareless riding26/12/202302/01/2024