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24 March 2019 - Sha Tin



Sunday, 24 March 2019, 12:45pm, Sha Tin

"C+3" Course, 1400M, Expected Going: Good
Prize Money: $690000, Rating: 40-0, Class 5
Standard Time: 1.22.45, Record Time: 1.21.53
EXPONENTS / 110lbs / 10-06-2018

Race 1   Sha Tin   24 Mar 2019
TOM BIDDINGTON (6) (1) (11) (8)
TRENTON AKERS (8) (6) (11) (10)
SAM AGARS (11) (10) (1) (8)
PHILLIP WOO (1) (11) (10) (6)
SHANNON (VINCENT WONG) (3) (11) (6) (12)
RACING POST ONLINE (1) (6) (7) (11)
BRETT DAVIS (6) (1) (8) (7)
MOST FAVOURED (6) (1) (11) (8)
Last runsColourHorse
PriorityHorse Wt.GearTrainerAgeWt.RatingJockeyDrawWinPlaceStar Form
10/0/0/4/5/1FLYING NOBLE
勁飛寶寶 (A267)
11150 -26C. H. Yip513340+6S. De Sousa54.44.92.3

Star Form:

Returned to Class Five with a front-running fourth over the AWT 1,650m, then came out of a flat C&D fifth with blood in his trachea before easily saluting under Zac Purton. Can repeat despite new rider. --4

21/3/9/7/5/6THE SYLPH
怡德 (T055)
11010 -12SR/TTD. Ferraris813138-2K. Teetan425337.1

Star Form:

Rallying winner over the Valley mile at his third Class Five run in December, then just a handily-ridden third from four Class Fours before coming up one-paced in midfield back in this grade. --3

30/0/8/9/0/8BIG BULLY
依斯堅 (B028)
+11115 -2VD. Hall4130 +237-2C. Y. Ho -21222195.0

Star Form:

Failed to menace five times at both tracks this term in Class Four, then came up flat behind midfield after being held-up early straight over this C&D in his first Class Five run. --3

為您贏 (B157)
11227 -6B1C. W. Chang412936-5K. C. Leung13376012

Star Form:

Has been a sure loss in his six Sha Tin starts in Class Four. Faded to beat one chasing the leader on the fence latest over the 1,600m. Gets downgrade here and since trialled OK in blinkers. --2

50/0/0/6/3/7WINNING CIRCLE
易勝相吸 (B275)
11106 -11B/TTJ. Moore312936-1N. Callan915154.9

Star Form:

Struggled six times in Class Four, then has made progress three times in this grade. Held his ground tracking the speed for third to Trendiful two back at the Valley. Trip's ideal. --3

皇帝詔令 (B061)
+11064 -9B2/TTA. T. Millard512835-2R. Bayliss19.17.82.5

Star Form:

Stayed on better to fill the frame in his first three runs this term, including two C&D thirds, then had health issues in a December defeat before a non-threatening sixth on the dirt for his new trainer. --4

明月昇輝 (A324)
+11033 +6H/PCL. Ho5127 +234-1T. H. So -

Star Form:

Just a front-running sixth second-up over the 1,600m from his first three starts this term, then got up for third racing midfield with a switch to the dirt 1,200m. Minor claims. --3

80/-/0/9/9/8/0RUN MOOCHI
樂無極 (B277)
+11074 -23CP-/B1K. L. Man412734-3J. Moreira27.57.63.5

Star Form:

Not disgraced three times to start in Class Four at both tracks this term, then hasn't had much luck twice from wide gates at this track following a downgrade. Easily won a dirt trial in blinkers. --3

堅離地 (A235)
*11084 +2H/XB/TTW. Y. So512633-2U. Rispoli322246.2

Star Form:

Looked a winner waiting to happen after close seconds in back-to-back runs over the Valley mile, then failed with every chance twice from three starts under top riders. --3

100/2/0/3/8/3BEST EFFORT
有衝勁 (T220)
1992 +2BC. Fownes812431M. Harley1416225.8

Star Form:

Hit or miss while picking up minor placings in half his six starts this term. Found a couple too good after hitting the front from midfield at the 300m latest over this C&D. --4

凱旋星光 (T224)
+11074 -15CP1/TTP. O'Sullivan812431Z. Purton65.7*4.62.0

Star Form:

Veteran's been hard to get right in his eight starts this term but has placed twice, including C&D second beaten a neck by The Full Bloom two back. Has new trainer. Keep him safe. --4

駕迅 (T063)
11205 +3VY. S. Tsui712128-1A. Sanna109.99.12.4

Star Form:

Veteran hasn't won in ages but is still capable of big runs. Has managed fourths in three of his past four starts. Finished well going back from a wide gate 11 days ago over the Valley 1,650m. --3

心思熟慮 (V086)
*11133 -4XBR. Gibson611421-2G. van Niekerk825295.7

Star Form:

Distant third second-up tracking the speed following a slow start over the 1,200m, then rallying fourth on the dirt before tiring on the speed once each over the 1,400m and straight 1,000m. --3

144/0/-/7/6/0/0GOBI STORM
戈寶 (A101)
*11159 +5P/TT2T. P. Yung511316-2M. Chadwick1126429.4

Star Form:

Is a 23-run maiden. Faded in front once over the Valley mile and AWT 1,200m in December, then tired badly over this C&D before coming out of a 1,200m failure lame and with blood in the trachea. --2

R0/0/0/0/-/8/4XIANG HUANG QI
鑲黃旗 (A312)
21181 -5BK. L. Man5115 +222-1To Be AnnouncedR---

Star Form:

R9/4/1/7/3/7ROOKIE STAR
生力軍 (A384)
1983 -1P. F. Yiu5131 -138To Be AnnouncedR---

Star Form:

+Trump Card
*Horse(s) with priority to run
1,2,3...Order of Trainer Preference
B :Blinkers
P :Pacifier
CP :Sheepskin Cheek Pieces
CO :Sheepskin Cheek Piece 1 side
CC :Cornell Collar
BO :Blinker with one cowl only
PC :Pacifier with cowls
TT :Tongue Tie
V :Visor
"1" :First time
XB :Crossed Nose Band
E :Ear Plugs
PS :Pacifier with 1 cowl V
V :Visor
"2" :Replaced
H :Hood
SR :Shadow Roll
SB :Sheepskin Browband
" - " :Removed


Flying Noble instantly struck with Zac Purton hopping on board last month over this C&D. Silvestre de Sousa gets the call up from an ideal gate and can win another. Triumphant Light was only denied by The Full Bloom two back following a one-out, one-back run over this C&D and had excuses last time out. Zac Purton retains the ride and he can have a say in the finish in his first start under trainer Paul O'Sullivan. Best Effort is clearly capable of winning a race at this level and only found Flying Noble and Never Better too good following a midfield run last start. He'll need to spot them a head start from his wide gate but merits inclusion at a price. Royal Prerogative was twice third earlier in the term over this C&D and will likely come on from a closing sixth on the dirt for his new trainer. He's drawn to get the run of the race and is a place chance.


FLYING NOBLE (A267)passing the 500M raced tight Near the 450M whilst being shifted out into tight running, got its head up when awkwardly placed close to heels - Race 442 THE SYLPH (T055)passing the 300M was bumped A short distance bumped with that runner again and became unbalanced - Race 452 BIG BULLY (B028)for some distance after the 400M was badly held up for a run Passing the 300M was shifted out to obtain clear running - Race 442 WINNING CIRCLE (B275)at the start was bumped and became badly unbalanced After that was bumped again and taken out, then shifted out and made heavy contact with a runner Passing the 300M lay in Throughout the race travelled wide and without cover - Race 489 ROYAL PREROGATIVE (B061)after the 500M was bumped and taken wider - Race 461 RUN MOOCHI (B277)approaching the 300M was taken out and bumped a runner When questioned, rider stated that on jumping his mount lifted its front feet off the ground, began awkwardly and in doing so bumped the inside gate of its stall He said that resulted in his mount racing further back in the early stages than has been hoped He said for some distance passing the 1100M his mount proved very difficult to settle and improved to be racing tight inside heels where there was insufficient room He said then passing the 1000M his mount had to be severely checked away from heels and in doing so shifted in and made heavy contact with a runner He said after that his mount was awkward in its action and after the 900M was left racing wide and without cover He added in the early part of the Straight his mount was initially awkwardly placed and then raced tight between two other runners when one of those runners shifted out approaching the 300M He said after that his mount was not improving its position and as the horse had been awkward to ride for the majority of the race, he eased it down over the concluding stages He added when pulling up his mount got its head up and was inclined to run out towards the outside rail, however, he was not able to detect any obvious abnormalities with it - Race 369 RUMINARE (V086)on jumping was crowded for room Near the 50M was checked and lost its rightful running - Race 384 GOBI STORM (A101)at the 350M was bumped and taken out onto a runner Throughout the race travelled wide and without cover After the race was examined by the vet who said an endoscopic exam showed a substantial amount of blood in the horse's trachea The next day was again examined by the vet who said the horse to be lame in its left front leg - Race 405 ROOKIE STAR (A384)passing the 1200M proved very difficult to settle and got its head up on a number of occasions when being checked away from heels After the 1100M continued to prove very difficult to settle and shifted out away from heels Passing the 900M again shifted out away from heels Until near the 700M consequently travelled wide and without cover at which time was able to shift back in After the race was examined by the vet who said an endoscopic exam showed a substantial amount of blood in the horse's trachea - Race 416


RUN MOOCHI (B277)27/01/2019 Rider concerned horse's action during racing(passed on 04/02/2019) GOBI STORM (A101) 10/02/2019 Substantial blood in trachea after racing Lame left front leg on the day after racing(passed on 26/02/2019) ROOKIE STAR (A384) 13/02/2019 Substantial blood in trachea after racing(passed on 28/02/2019)


Run Moochi looked good winning a barrier trial earlier this month.


Race 1 Sha Tin 24 March 2019

172466196.98.48.420133.78.83438 1
9 34 68146653652305270213690136 2
10 40 47 88483336373963233369132 3
11 6.0 25 16 1391171037716315063125193187 4
12 19 33 24 6.6 2530255741193164154 5
13 46 60 76 24 50 101128275.9113998 6
14 88 141 156 47 69 94 1635337.8134791 7


Race 1 Sha Tin 24 March 2019

55722235418211959418.224100115 1
9 122 26963927313118311621228367123369566 2
10 146 167 40817011312012215325074111279505 3
11 16 83 56 541418406292666621230338835876 4
12 58 118 86 21 80957820417857105257498 5
13 198 235 298 80 188 3133101951737142298 6
14 296 501 583 151 247 396 471131122241165314 7