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22 May 2019 - Happy Valley



Wednesday, 22 May 2019, 7:15pm, Happy Valley

"B" Course, 1650M, Expected Going: Good
Prize Money: $690000, Rating: 40-0, Class 5
Standard Time: 1.40.85, Record Time: 1.39.11
GLORY STAR / 125lbs / 24-10-2018

Race 1   Happy Valley   22 May 2019
TOM BIDDINGTON (3) (4) (11) (5)
TRENTON AKERS (10) (7) (5) (9)
SAM AGARS (10) (11) (12) (1)
PHILLIP WOO (1) (10) (11) (5)
SHANNON (VINCENT WONG) (10) (5) (12) (11)
RACING POST ONLINE (10) (11) (1) (12)
BRETT DAVIS (10) (4) (1) (2)
MOST FAVOURED (10) (11) (1) (5)
Last runsColourHorse
PriorityHorse Wt.GearTrainerAgeWt.RatingJockeyDrawWinPlaceStar Form
16/0/0/7/3/8SEIZE THE SPIRIT
天地同心 (B030)
+11108 -6BY. S. Tsui4133 +1840-2K. Teetan49.77.02.2

Star Form:

Finished thereabouts in two of four Sha Tin runs, then ran on a distant C&D third to Cinquante Cinq despite interference 550m out before a tiring eighth attacking the speed. Should enjoy Class Five. --4

靚籐王 (B425)
+11137 -9BR. Gibson3132 +1739-2Z. Purton815114.7

Star Form:

Never likely five times at Sha Tin to 1,400m, then was held up from the 400m to 200m travelling behind midfield in a three-length C&D ninth to My Family. Downgrade may help. --3

38/6/0/0/0/7OPEN HOUSE
快樂魔王 (A197)
+11021 +8BD. Hall6130 -137-2C. Y. Ho720245.2

Star Form:

Went close in one of three runs over the Valley 1,200m, then a C&D defeat with a heart problem before failing to menace twice. Exits a rallying mile seventh on the dirt in his first Class Five start. --3

自由飛翔 (T292)
+1957 -10B2K. H. Ting7129 -236-2T. H. So -219.7103.3

Star Form:

Got up for a second placing in Class Four over this C&D in January from seven runs, then misfired four times. Might have needed his latest run in Class Five following a break. Goes well in blinkers. --3

威震天 (V119)
+11120 +33V/TTP. F. Yiu7129 -236-1M. Harley1217124.9

Star Form:

Disappointed seven times after a front-running C&D second in October, then given a better sight in his past two of three following a downgrade. Exits a game third chasing a good pace. Draw won't help. --4

62/2/6/1/9/0COME ON WONGCHOY
上旺財上 (A285)
+11035 +31C. S. Shum4128 +435C. Wong -51120244.8

Star Form:

Gave a good sight for seconds three times from four starts, including two C&D runs, then easily made all over the Valley 1,800m before fading in the run to the wire twice. On his mark. --2

70/0/0/0/0/6SHINING BRIGHT
陽明賞賞 (B297)
+11013 +24B/TTC. W. Chang4124 -631-3C. Schofield318286.7

Star Form:

Continued to fire blanks five times at Sha Tin, including two 1,400m runs despite a downgrade, then came out of a distant sixth over the Conghua 1,800m lame in March. See better first. --2

堅離地 (A235)
*11087 -4P-/H/XB/TTW. Y. So5122 -429-2R. Bayliss1018235.2

Star Form:

Returned to form with two near C&D wins, then has only finished thereabouts three times at both tracks from five starts. Finished last after a no-cover run in midfield last month over this trip. --3

97/6/0/0/5/6MASTER BERNINI
神乎其技 (A174)
+11046 +4BD. Ferraris5121 -228-2U. Rispoli59.9113.1

Star Form:

Continued to fire blanks once at each track following a stable change, then an even fifth over the AWT 1,650m before coming from last for sixth over the 1,400m. Is twice Valley-placed in the past. --3

駿驫 (V319)
+11125 -7H/TTL. Ho6120 +327+5G. van Niekerk64.9*3.31.6

Star Form:

Woke up with a return to the Valley for a box-seat fifth over the 1,800m, then just denied by Righteous Mate racing one-out, one-back over this C&D before a front-running win from a wide gate. --4

115/4/4/3/3/3LITTLE FANTASY
小奇妙 (T298)
11219 -14CP/TTK. L. Man711319+1J. Moreira94.87.72.4

Star Form:

Veteran has yet to miss a pay slip in 10 outings at both tracks this term. Made it three straight thirds following a box-seat effort chasing the winner Best Effort over the Sha Tin 1,800m. --4

126/0/0/7/2/7GOBI STORM
戈寶 (A101)
+11175 +31CP/TTT. P. Yung511318M. Chadwick25.97.42.5

Star Form:

Returned to the Valley mile after misfiring four times at Sha Tin with a handily-ridden C&D second to Bonito, then was hampered 550m out chasing the speed in a 1,800m failure. Not genuine. --3

R1/7/9/0/3/8MI BLANCO
萬霸駒 (A186)
11114 +2B/TTP. O'Sullivan5120 -327-2To Be AnnouncedR---

Star Form:

易勝相吸 (B275)
11116 -5B/TTJ. Moore3122 -229-2To Be AnnouncedR---

Star Form:

+Trump Card
*Horse(s) with priority to run
1,2,3...Order of Trainer Preference
B :Blinkers
P :Pacifier
CP :Sheepskin Cheek Pieces
CO :Sheepskin Cheek Piece 1 side
CC :Cornell Collar
BO :Blinker with one cowl only
PC :Pacifier with cowls
TT :Tongue Tie
V :Visor
"1" :First time
XB :Crossed Nose Band
E :Ear Plugs
PS :Pacifier with 1 cowl V
V :Visor
"2" :Replaced
H :Hood
SR :Shadow Roll
SB :Sheepskin Browband
" - " :Removed


Seize The Spirit caught the eye when running on well despite interference near the 500m in a third behind the smart Cinquante Cinq in his initial Valley run two back and a tactics change to attack the speed didn't pan out latest. He looks attractive in Class Five for the first time. Bonito followed up a near C&D win over Righteous Mate, who's since placed in Class Four, with an easy front-running win from a wide gate. His flexible run style is advantageous and a repeat win would not surprise carrying only three pounds more. Little Fantasy seems to have a new rider every week and has a tricky gate but has been in the mix all season long and will hope Joao Moreira can bring him some luck. Megatron returned to form with a box-seat C&D fourth behind the reopposing Bonito and wouldn't go down without a fight after chasing a hot pace in a recent third over the Valley 1,800m. Gate 12 will ensure he goes off at decent odds.


SEIZE THE SPIRIT (B030)near the 200M raced tight - Race 568 WICKER (B425)approaching and passing the 1200M was awkwardly placed close to heels Passing the 900M travelled keenly and was awkwardly placed Passing the 400M was bumped Near the 200M was momentarily awkwardly placed - Race 604 LETSGOFREE (T292)after the race, rider stated that the horse did not travel at any stage of the race and, despite being placed under heavy pressure after the 500M, did not respond to his riding in the Straight Trainer stated that after its most recent start he gave the horse a let-up and since resuming work the horse had pleased him in the lead up to the race He said based on the horse's work he anticipated that it would perform competitively in that race - Race 585 MEGATRON (V119)close to the finishing line was awkwardly placed and consequently was not able to be ridden out all the way to the end of the race - Race 605 COME ON WONGCHOY (A285)near the 550M was awkwardly placed close to heels after attempting to shift out and improve between other runners where there was insufficient room Post-race vet inspection did not show any significant findings, however, the horse was unable to be scoped due to be scoped due to being fractious - Race 605 SHINING BRIGHT (B297)the next day was reported by the vet who said the horse was lame in its left hind leg - Race 516 WONDERFUL TIGER (A235)stood awkwardly in the barriers, then began only fairly and was bumped Passing the winning post on the first occasion was awkwardly placed close to heels Then near the 1300M was left racing wide and without cover - Race 585 GOBI STORM (A101)near the 550M got its head up when being checked away from heels - Race 605 MI BLANCO (A186)passing the 500M was awkwardly placed Near the 150M was shifted to the inside of heels Close to the finishing line was awkwardly placed inside heels and consequently was not able to be ridden out all the way to the end of the race - Race 605 WINNING CIRCLE (B275)approaching the 500M lay out under heavy pressure Then near the 450M raced tight - Race 630


LETSGOFREE (T292)17/04/2019 Unacceptable performance(passed on 07/05/2019) SHINING BRIGHT (B297) 24/03/2019 Lame left hind leg on the day after racing(passed on 26/04/2019)


Shining Bright finished off solidly for second in a trial last week.


Race 1 Happy Valley 22 May 2019

12229.819253133144.98.37.7-- 1
9 36 24253944595729121619-- 2
10 21 9.3 407060598640203738-- 3
11 27 13 4.4 29343739198.51610-- 4
12 28 12 *4.4 6.6 34633533101520-- 5
13 - - - - - 685447131927-- 6
14 - - - - - - 8142193331-- 7


Race 1 Happy Valley 22 May 2019

388332569210712048122624-- 1
9 133 100889417822917185264751-- 2
10 58 24 15925923225431816862138138-- 3
11 98 45 10 10413114415771225337-- 4
12 103 40 *10 21 148219124101234458-- 5
13 - - - - - 3082451903867101-- 6
14 - - - - - - 31017070111110-- 7