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28 February 2021 - Sha Tin



Sunday, 28 February 2021, 1:00pm, Sha Tin

"B+2" Course, 1200M, Expected Going: Good
Prize Money: $750000, Rating: 40-0, Class 5
Standard Time: 1.09.90, Record Time: 1.09.24
ALL BEST FRIENDS / 132lbs / 23-02-2020

Race 1   Sha Tin   28 Feb 2021
TOM BIDDINGTON () () () ()
TRENTON AKERS () () () ()
SAM AGARS () () () ()
PHILLIP WOO () () () ()
TOM WOOD () () () ()
MOST FAVOURED () () () ()
Last runsColourHorse
PriorityHorse Wt.GearTrainerAgeWt.RatingJockeyDrawWinPlace
怡威 (C496)
+1 D. Ferraris613339-1J. Moreira13---
20/5/0/7/0/0ALLOY KING
合金皇 (D287)
+1 B1K. H. Ting4131 +1837-3C. Y. Ho8---
39/-/6/8/7/7/4REGENCY POET
帝豪精彩 (D010)
+1 B/TT1K. L. Man513137-1A. Hamelin7---
44/6/2/4/7/-/0IRON KING
打鐵趁熱 (C133)
+1 H/TT2C. H. Yip5130 -136-2Z. Purton10---
友盈有款 (B182)
*1 B-/V1D. A. Hayes6129 +935+1M. L. Yeung5---
66/8/0/-/3/6/8SPICY GRILL
辣得驕 (D159)
+1 H/TTK. W. Lui4129 -135-2K. Teetan14---
73/-/3/8/7/0/8SUPER EIGHTEEN
惜多福 (A323)
*1 BA. T. Millard7128 -234-3B. Shinn1---
83/3/-/5/0/7/0THE ABRAXAS
太陽戰馬 (C212)
+1 V-/B2Y. S. Tsui6128 +234-2H. N. Wong -36---
90/-/0/9/8/0/0TIGER GLARE
虎視眈眈 (D290)
+1 HL. Ho4128 -334-3K. C. Leung3---
100/0/0/0/6/5ALLOY STAR
合金之星 (D053)
+1 BT. P. Yung512430-1M. Chadwick12---
110/-/4/0/0/0/9WHO'S HORSE
表表馬 (C233)
*1 B/TTA. S. Cruz5122 -228-2R. Maia2---
120/-/3/2/7/9/9ONE STEP AHEAD
坪山新星 (C242)
*1 B/TTP. O'Sullivan5121 -127-2V. Borges11---
133/0/2/1/0/0THE FULL BLOOM
盛勢 (V243)
*1 VD. Hall8121 +327M. F. Poon -24---
眾善積福 (B334)
+1 CP/TTC. W. Chang6119 +325-1H. T. Mo -39---
活力爆發 (C525)
1 B1/H2C. Fownes5118 -224-3To Be AnnouncedR---
陽明冠爵 (D240)
1 CP/XBD. Whyte4133 +1939-2To Be AnnouncedR---
+Trump Card
*Horse(s) with priority to run
1,2,3...Order of Trainer Preference
B :Blinkers
P :Pacifier
CP :Sheepskin Cheek Pieces
CO :Sheepskin Cheek Piece 1 side
CC :Cornell Collar
BO :Blinker with one cowl only
PC :Pacifier with cowls
TT :Tongue Tie
V :Visor
"1" :First time
XB :Crossed Nose Band
E :Ear Plugs
PS :Pacifier with 1 cowl V
V :Visor
"2" :Replaced
H :Hood
SR :Shadow Roll
SB :Sheepskin Browband
" - " :Removed


ANONYMA (C496)began very awkwardly and then got its head up when being steadied to obtain cover Approaching the 1100M was awkwardly placed outside heels when being shifted across to obtain cover - Race 402 IRON KING (C133)after the race, rider stated that the horse came under pressure near the 400M and was disappointing in the manner in which it failed to finish off the race He said the only excuse he could make for the horse's performance was that it was racing first up from a break - Race 276 MONEYMORE (B182)when questioned, rider stated that he was asked to have the horse travelling where it was comfortable and not to make use of it in the early stages He said it was felt that from the inside barrier the horse would be able to obtain a position behind the speed He explained the horse began very well and showed early speed to be in a forward position without having to be ridden along He added he anticipated that runners from the outside would cross the horse and provide him with cover, however, when a runner was not able to show sufficient speed to cross the horse, rather than restrain it, he allowed the horse to maintain its position inside that runner He also said that whilst he formed the opinion that the horse may be better suited with cover, the circumstances of the race in the early stages resulted in it maintaining its running inside that runner rather than him being able to take a trailing position behind that runner - Race 402 SPICY GRILL (D159)after passing the 1000M was steadied away from heels Passing the 100M was steadied away from heels At the 50M shifted in and made contact with a runner - Race 384 SUPER EIGHTEEN (A323)in the Straight lay in under pressure - Race 296 THE ABRAXAS (C212)after the 1100M got its head on the side and lay in when being ridden along to obtain the lead - Race 250 ALLOY STAR (D053)passing the 100M got its head on the side and shifted in away from a runner Close to the finishing line was awkwardly placed and consequently was not able to be fully ridden all the way to the end of the race - Race 402 WHO'S HORSE (C233)at the 1000M lost its right front plate On the Home Turn came under pressure to maintain its position - Race 374 ONE STEP AHEAD (C242)at the 1100M was steadied away from heels After the race, rider stated that after being left racing wide and without cover from the 800M, the horse did not close off the race as expected and was disappointing - Race 296 CHARITYDREAM (B334)as the start was effected lifted its front feet off the ground and began only fairly After the race an endoscopic exam was conducted at trainer's request and that exam showed a substantial amount of blood in the horse's trachea - Race 276 WONDER BRAHMA (C525)from the 1000M raced wide and without cover and in the Straight gave ground Approaching the 300M shifted out under pressure Post-race vet inspection did not show any significant findings The next day was again examined by the vet who said the horse to be lame in its right front leg - Race 384


CHARITYDREAM (B334)20/12/2020 Substantial blood in trachea after racing(passed on 04/01/2021) WONDER BRAHMA (C525) 01/02/2021 Lame right front leg on the day after racing(passed on 19/02/2021)