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BUDDIES (C019) 二郎

J. Richards / Rating: 85

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PPG / br / g / 7 yrs / AUS
Owner: Wong Chin-leung
Last win: 26-09-21
Health: Bled from both nostrils after racing. (27/11/2022) Substantial blood in trachea noted on post-race scoping. (27/06/2020) Right humerus stress fracture. (17/09/2018) Unacceptable performance. (04/05/2022)
Sire: So You Think
Dam: Gladwell

Past Performances
Total Starts: 42: (8-4-3)
ST 1200m: 8 (0-0-0)
ST 1400m: 18 (4-1-0)
ST 1600m: 4 (0-0-1)
ST aw 1650m: 9 (3-3-2)
HV 1200m: 1 (0-0-0)
HV 1650m: 2 (1-0-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
27-11-22205ST tf g C1400214J. Richards127L. Hewitson4B/TTPACKING TREADMILLKING LANDWINNING METHOD1:21:7422.9036.18 22.66 24.331-1-1-1491185851022
30-10-22138HV tf g C120029J. Richards118C. Wong11H-/B1/TT2REWARDING TOGETHERFAMILY FOLKSPING HAI GALAXY1:09:1723.5923.44 22.70 24.06 3-5-96.51194881650
25-06-22778ST tf g/f B1400211A. S. Cruz126K. H. Chan6HTHE GOLDEN SCENERYBEAUTY FITBEAUTY LIVE1:21:4622.7235.47 23.27 24.071-1-1-118.51152932951
05-06-22730ST tf g C1400211A. S. Cruz130C. L. Chau3HLUCKY SWEYNESSENAVAS TWOTHE GOLDEN SCENERY1:21:9522.6735.99 23.57 23.293-4-4-115.51158962040
04-05-22643ST aw g -1650212A. S. Cruz129L. Ferraris12HBERLIN TANGOKINGS SHIELDMONEY CATCHER1:36:7223.4249.83 23.47 26.661-1-1-1220.251155991831
12-03-22497ST tf g C+31200110A. S. Cruz113H. T. Mo3HSIGHT SUCCESSSUPER WEALTHYMASTER EIGHT1:07:7822.7823.65 21.55 24.31 2-3-1010.7511751023892
23-02-22451HV tf g C+31650211A. S. Cruz130C. L. Chau11HCHEERFUL DAYSTELECOM FIGHTERSBEAUTY JOY1:38:9223.4851.97 24.19 24.883-4-7-1113.2511921041953
03-02-22388ST tf g B+21400111A. S. Cruz127C. L. Chau4HCHEERFUL DAYSCALIFORNIADEEPSHOTLUCKY EXPRESS1:22:2522.6536.21 23.39 24.171-1-2-119.511931061528
01-01-22301ST tf g B+21400G37A. S. Cruz131M. Chadwick6HHEALTHY HAPPYLUCKY EXPRESSEXCELLENT PROPOSAL1:22:1023.2336.28 22.59 24.191-1-1-7611971081217
28-11-21211ST tf g C1600111A. S. Cruz133M. Chadwick6HSILVER EXPRESSEXCELLENT PROPOSALBUTTERFIELD1:33:7122.8747.64 23.48 24.003-4-4-118.7511711092432
13-11-21174ST tf g A+31400110A. S. Cruz133M. Chadwick4HLUCKY EXPRESSFAST MOST FURIOUSHIGHLAND FORTUNE1:21:2222.8435.28 23.34 23.573-3-3-10611891092034
17-10-2199ST tf g B+21200G211A. S. Cruz122H. N. Wong4HLUCKY PATCHSUPER WEALTHYSTRONGER1:07:9523.0423.49 21.70 24.42 3-4-1110.2511661095599
26-09-2161ST tf g/f C+31400G31A. S. Cruz113M. Chadwick6HBUDDIESTOURBILLON DIAMONDSKY DARCI1:20:4823.3134.67 22.50 23.311-1-1-10.7511691012124
05-09-214ST tf g A1200110A. S. Cruz123M. Chadwick11HNABOO ATTACKLUCKY PATCHDUKE WAI1:08:1122.4424.11 21.84 23.12 4-4-10611711036699
11-07-21825ST tf g/f A1200113A. S. Cruz125H. Bentley7HLUCKY PATCHSTRONGERSHINING ACE1:07:6122.7423.36 22.03 23.99 5-7-131111571062776
20-06-21764ST tf g/f A1400G36A. S. Cruz121Z. Purton10H/TT-SKY FIELDSKY DARCICHAMPION'S WAY1:20:5522.3635.52 22.71 22.872-1-2-63.511761081718
05-04-21563ST tf g B+21200G212A. S. Cruz123B. Shinn1H/TTAMAZING STARSTRONGERBEAUTY APPLAUSE1:08:2423.0824.09 21.83 23.53 10-11-127.511431103999
13-03-21504ST tf g C+3120017A. S. Cruz119C. Y. Ho2H/TTWELLINGTONCOMPUTER PATCHSKY FIELD1:07:8022.0224.15 21.87 22.78 3-3-76.2511401122158
21-02-21443ST tf g A+31400G18A. S. Cruz126M. Chadwick7H/TTWAIKUKUSOUTHERN LEGENDMIGHTY GIANT1:20:7822.2035.88 22.90 22.631-2-2-8411531122447
24-01-21368ST tf g A+31200G17A. S. Cruz126K. C. Leung6H/TTHOT KING PRAWNREGENCY LEGENDBIG PARTY1:08:0122.6024.05 22.00 22.64 5-6-74.2511561121817
01-01-21313ST tf g B+21400G37A. S. Cruz121C. Soumillon8H/TTCHAMPION'S WAYSKY DARCIMIGHTY GIANT1:20:9922.7135.21 23.07 24.322-1-1-71011661128.810
29-11-20227ST tf g C160013A. S. Cruz126C. L. Chau1H/TTSKY DARCILUCKY EXPRESSBUDDIES1:34:1022.8448.43 22.87 22.862-2-2-3N 11551104.44.7
14-11-20190ST tf g C+3140011A. S. Cruz128M. Chadwick4H/TTBUDDIESLUCKY EXPRESSSUPER WEALTHY1:21:8022.3336.16 23.31 22.331-1-1-1111601057.711
14-10-20110HV tf g B165021A. S. Cruz119C. L. Chau3H/TTBUDDIESSOLAR WAI WAIAMAZING ONE PLUS1:39:0423.7651.89 23.63 23.521-2-3-1SH11581004.43.9
27-09-2062ST tf g A1400G35A. S. Cruz113K. Teetan9H2/TT2GOLDEN SIXTYBEAUTY GENERATION, CHAMPION'S WAY 1:20:5422.4335.49 22.74 22.872-2-2-53.51159961922
27-06-20778ST tf g/f B140029J. Moore128C. Wong14 WATER DIVINERGOOD STANDINGYOUNG LEGEND1:20:6923.5334.52 22.64 24.011-1-1-93117196108.4
27-05-20693ST aw g -165022J. Moore121C. L. Chau8 KINGS SHIELDBUDDIESRAGING BLITZKRIEG1:36:7522.7750.98 23.12 23.062-2-2-22.51168954.85.1
09-05-20649ST tf g/f C140011J. Moore111C. L. Chau4 BUDDIESAMAZING ONE PLUSDECRYPT1:20:8823.1035.34 22.92 22.622-3-3-11.251169896.83.9
01-04-20544ST aw w/s -165023J. Moore126J. Moreira3TT-MONGOLIAN KINGKINGS SHIELDBUDDIES1:37:9124.5650.09 23.58 24.962-3-3-34.51170893.82
22-03-20518ST tf g/f A140022J. Moore122K. C. Leung13TTSEATTLE CHOICEBUDDIESASSIMILATE1:21:0922.2336.13 22.73 22.351-1-1-20.751180872238
27-01-20368ST tf g B+216004YO6J. Moore126K. C. Leung5TTGOLDEN SIXTYMORE THAN THISCHAMPION'S WAY1:33:6122.8047.91 22.90 23.531-1-1-64.51160876899
29-12-19292ST aw w/s -165023J. Moore116G. van Niekerk10H-/TTGLORIOUS ARTISTELUSIVE STATEBUDDIES1:38:4523.9550.84 23.66 24.521-2-1-33.51197875.85.8
27-10-19127ST aw g -165022J. Moore121G. van Niekerk4H/TTELUSIVE STATEBUDDIESTURIN REDSTAR1:38:5223.3951.84 23.29 23.661-1-1-21.751183864.24.1
15-09-1936ST aw g -165031J. Moore133Z. Purton2H/TTBUDDIESBEAR SLAMHAPPY SEBRING1:38:5922.3752.02 24.24 22.332-2-2-11.251177792.51.6
14-07-19816ST tf g/f A160037J. Moore132C. Y. Ho12H/TTHAPPY SEBRINGVINCYSMILING PRIDE1:34:4622.9247.83 23.79 23.312-2-2-731150795.76.5
01-07-19774ST aw g -165031J. Moore121Z. Purton1H/TTBUDDIESPING HAI TREASURERIGHTEOUS DOCTRINE1:38:4223.6951.06 23.67 23.691-1-1-12.751155692.51.7
12-06-19739ST aw w/s -165032J. Moore121Z. Purton14H/TTKINGS SHIELDBUDDIESCLEAR CHOICE1:38:1323.4051.01 23.76 24.122-2-2-24.751143683.73.3
02-06-19705ST tf g/f B140041J. Moore133Z. Purton1H/TTBUDDIESDIONYSUS COLLININTREPIC1:21:7023.1835.53 22.99 23.183-5-1-12.251145602.42
08-05-19640ST aw w/s -165041J. Moore125Z. Purton12H/TTBUDDIESASSOCIATION FANSFLASH FAMOUS1:39:4724.1751.18 24.12 24.171-1-1-12.51158527.34.2
22-04-19595ST tf g C+3140045J. Moore126C. Schofield5H/TT1BAND OF BROTHERSLITTLE GENERALSAM'S LOVE1:21:9223.3735.65 23.18 23.323-4-3-51.51178524.23.3
31-03-19543ST tf g A+3140045J. Moore125C. Schofield14HPERFECT PAIRVICTORY POWERMY WINNER1:22:5223.5535.54 23.51 23.774-2-2-51.751185524555
17-03-19497ST tf g A120049J. Moore126S. De Sousa6H1MR CROISSANTCHICKEN DANCEGENERAL TRUMP1:09:7423.2824.28 22.78 23.38 7-8-94.251205521831

HKJC Comment

Jumped with them, sent forward to take the lead, shared the lead with rival from 700M, peaked and headed 300M, weakened and eased final furlong. (Bled.)