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Latest news and updates about diversity and inclusion in the Asia region, including topics such as gender equality, marriage equality, age and youth discrimination and LGBT+ issues.


Plan to admit more undergraduates from overseas to Hong Kong’s publicly funded universities deserves support but high standards must be maintained and the prospects for locals preserved.

  • Ahead of World Aids Day, an HIV-positive social worker stresses the disease is not a death sentence; daily medicine stops transmission
  • Despite advances, HIV/Aids is one of the most misunderstood and stigmatised conditions – globally and in the city – Hong Kong doctor says

Tuesday’s walkout, under the slogan “Do you call this equality?” is being billed as the biggest since Iceland’s first such event in 1975, when 90 per cent of women refused to work, clean or look after children.


At an event in Hong Kong to mark the 150th anniversary of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s first woman graduate, academic luminaries underscored the need for greater gender diversity in postdoctoral studies.

Malaysia’s federal government will remain intact regardless of the outcome of state polls, but poor results for PM Anwar Ibrahim’s administration will cause a prolonged period of political instability, DAP’s Anthony Loke told This Week in Asia.


Ruling is 6-3 in case involving programmes at Harvard and University of North Carolina, upending decades of precedents that supported a role for race in applications.

Fifa, world football’s governing body, is threatening not to televise the Women’s World Cup in five major European countries unless broadcasters pay more for the media rights.

Plus-size fashion used to be hard to find in India, or unaffordable thanks to a ‘fat tax’. Today independent brands have sprung up offering flattering clothes at fair prices in a size-inclusive range.

May 6 extravaganza is being viewed by some with a large dose of ambivalence, not least minority groups for whom British Empire’s past wrongs still loom large.


The team behind Elemental, upcoming Disney and Pixar animated film about a family who migrate to a city of different ‘elements’, on its message of tolerance and the challenges of creating its characters.