Diversity and inclusion: all stories
  • With well over 700 people of nearly 30 different nationalities at the Post, a more diverse workplace is hard to find
  • The Post also places great importance on gender equality, with our news platform having a section dedicated to journalism on women’s issues

Black, Bangladeshi and Pakistani workers earn up to 16 per cent less than White British workers; Indian and Chinese earn 16 per cent and 23 per cent more – a gap easily overlooked if if ethnic minority individuals are lumped together under umbrella references such as ‘Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic’.


Plus-size fashion used to be hard to find in India, or unaffordable thanks to a ‘fat tax’. Today independent brands have sprung up offering flattering clothes at fair prices in a size-inclusive range.

Hong Kong-listed companies must improve the diversity of their boards by implementing policies to encourage gender neutral hiring, offering training to nurture female talent and facilitating networking and mentoring, a panel discussion has heard.


Women find it particularly hard to balance work and household duties, still broadly seen as the woman’s responsibility, forcing many into unstable, lower-paying work.

After facing social media backlash for describing a Charles & Keith handbag as ‘luxury’, 17-year-old Zoe Gabriel has been chosen to model a bag for the brand’s International Women’s Day campaign.

The representation of women on the boards of listed companies in mainland China and Hong Kong continues to rise but remains below that in regional and western peers, according to MSCI.

The L’Imperfetta (Imperfect) modelling agency has models of all sizes and ages, some with disabilities or medical conditions like alopecia, visible scarring, or who have lost limbs.

With many companies still struggling to survive in China’s post-pandemic climate, even 27-year-olds are being seen as risky hires, and 30 has essentially become the new cut-off for certain industries.


The Hong Kong government has appointed Julia Leung as the first woman CEO of the SFC for a three-year term. She was chosen by a selection panel chaired by the financial secretary following a global search.

Hong Kong badminton star Daniel Chan Ho-yuen opens up about the car crash that cost him his left leg, the dark days that followed, and what it meant to get back on the court.

Hong Kong Disneyland’s Halloween show is the first at any Disney park to incorporate sign language in the performers’ body movements. It’s part of a broad push for diversity and inclusion, executive director Alex Clifton explains.

People are finding peace and acceptance in the tranquil pastime, ‘Everyone can be a mermaid!’ Filipino mermaiding and free-diving teacher says.


While Indonesia’s official motto is ‘unity in diversity’, its entertainment industry can often feel hostile to women of colour. Zsazsa Utari, known as the Zendaya of Indonesia, wants to change that.

Women are likely to fill up to 50 per cent of an estimated 2,000 new board seats at Hong Kong-listed firms in the next three years because of diversity listing rules and pressure to improve corporate governance.