Finland Country Report
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  • ‘We got the biggest mandate,’ NCP leader Petteri Orpo said in a speech to followers, vowing to ‘fix Finland’ and its economy
  • Marin, 37, is considered by fans as a role model for progressive new leaders, but she has faced criticism for her partying and her government’s public spending

Cut-off was announced the same week that Finland, along with Sweden, applied to join Nato, marking one of the biggest geopolitical ramifications of the war in Ukraine that could rewrite Europe’s security map.

The monumental decision was prompted by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine; the attack shifted popular opinion overnight, kicking off a process to join the alliance; Sweden is also expected to follow suit.

Russia threatened to deploy nuclear weapons in and around the Baltic Sea region if Finland and Sweden join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization as tensions fueled by President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine spread.