Hong Kong Cuisine

Travel expert Jim Kitchen’s comments in a recent interview about not eating street food for fear of illness showed a remarkable lack of adventure for someone who has been to space.

The possibility of a lockdown in Hong Kong continues to hover, but from five-star char siu to Michelin-starred curry, these out-the-box options might make staying home a tad more bearable

The spout leaks everywhere, the handle crushes the fingers and the lid falls off all the time ... so why are we still using it in dim sum restaurants the world over?


High-end restaurants’ rising demand has seen Hong Kong’s ‘three-yellow’ bird climb in the pecking order – even for traditional Western fare like the Sunday roast

Not enough young chefs want to learn traditional Cantonese cuisine, says chef Jowett Yu, who’s leaving Hong Kong for Australia and worries he won’t find freshly made dim sum if he returns in 20 years.