Ivanka Trump
  • Even as a child, Ivanka could be seen wearing a Ferrari jacket – now she’s been able to build quite the collection for herself, with cars costing up to US$250,000
  • Her dad Donald Trump may have once complained about German cars, but Ivanka is clearly a Mercedes fan, as her ‘date night’ Instagram photos show

Twitter’s new owner-to-be said he’d let Trump back on the platform – but the former president said he ‘probably wouldn’t’ bother rejoining – so what exactly is going on with these two?

The Trumps are not known to shy away from the spotlight, and nor are their engagement rings … here are the biggest head-turners in the family


The authorities are seeking to question the ex-US president and his two eldest children over ‘misleading’ valuations of golf clubs, skyscrapers and other property.


The former New York elite couple snagged front row seats at a Louis Vuitton fashion show alongside Kim Kardashian and Bella Hadid, but they’ve largely been shunned in celebrity, political and fashion circles …

Could Donald Trump become president again in 2024? Another stint in the White House could be on the cards, but if Melania doesn’t want in, there is precedent for non spouses to become first ladies …


They get plenty of attention for being related to Donald Trump, but these oddities were all them – from Melania’s awkward first lady exit to Ivanka’s high school flashing incident


The subpoenas from the office of Attorney General Letitia James are part of her civil investigation into the former US president’s business practices and namesake company.

Whether because of mock political debate questions or showing up to funerals uninvited, the former US president often takes to Twitter to defend his daughter from criticism


Donald Trump’s grandchildren Arabella, Theo and Joseph have a jam-packed schedule that includes lunch ‘meetings’ at Trump Grill and extra-curriculars like learning piano, ballet and Mandarin

Donald Trump’s eldest daughter celebrated her 40th birthday on October 30, and we commemorated the occasion with a look at her glam sense of style

Zahara Jolie-Pitt recently wore Angelina Jolie’s Elie Saab gown to the Eternals Los Angeles premiere – but she isn’t the only celebrity kid to share her mum’s designer wardrobe …

Jared Kushner was dubbed the ‘Slim Reaper’ while Melania was called ‘Rapunzel’ for rarely leaving the White House, but can you guess Ivanka’s snide moniker for her stepmum?

Arabella Kushner won people over with her rendition of a new year song in Mandarin, but mum Ivanka Trump has put her foot in it more than once with a misattributed ‘Confucius’ quote


Former US president Donald Trump is pretty good at making money – that’s how he first gained his fame – but some of he and his family’s sales ideas have generated more controversy than profits …

Ivana Trump’s book Raising Trump has some revealing insights about her children’s upbringing – they had catered parties at the Plaza Hotel and Michael Jackson came over for play dates

The Czech-born former model has trademark beehive hair and an ear for stinging rebukes – did her business brain and no-prisoners attitude set Donald Trump on the road to the White House?

His siblings Ivanka, Eric and Donald Jr. have 10 kids between them, so what’s the 15-year-old former first son’s relationship with his nephews and nieces like?

Jared Kushner’s grandparents’ epic escape from the Nazis was immortalised by Daniel Craig in the film Defiance – they could never have imagined how far their son Charles and his family would come

The power couple is believed to have raked in around US$640 million during Donald Trump’s presidency, proving it pays to have investments in the right places

Five times Eric showed Ivanka some brotherly love, from defending her against Twitter criticisms from Olympians to praising her books and her ‘smart, smart, smarts’

Barron may be Donald Trump’s only child with Melania, but his dad’s past marriages mean he has several half siblings – Ivanka, Tiffany, Eric and Don Jr. – but who does he get on with the best?

From Donald’s moaning about shower pressures to Melania’s slathering caviar all over Barron, the Trumps’ hair and make-up regimes are as odd and OTT as everything else about them


Before the White House, high fashion and designer brands, Donald Trump’s daughter committed some serious fashion crimes on the red carpet