Lamma Islandi

Lamma Island, the third largest island in Hong Kong with a land area of about 14 square km, is situated 3 km off the southwest coast of Hong Kong Island. It is home to a highly diverse population of about 6,000 people, many of them of Western origins. There are regular ferry services between Lamma and Hong Kong Island. 

  • Residents on Lamma and Lantau report intruders chopping down valuable old trees in dead of night
  • ‘Worrying signs’ of poachers at work, as population of turtles shrinks by 90 per cent at some sites

Search under way for missing mainland Chinese man; other four crew sent to Princess Margaret Hospital after boat hits trouble in waters south of Tsing Yi.


Ayelet Idan runs vegan Mediterranean cooking classes out of her home in a lush corner of Lamma Island, teaching how to make dishes such as roast aubergine with herby dip, a Jewish brioche and date cookies.

Typhoon? Budget blowout? Flooding? Nothing was going to stop one designer from building the ultimate weekend getaway on Lamma Island, in Hong Kong’s south, for his daughter.

‘Island(ed)’, a new exhibition at Central’s WMA Space that takes in Hong Kong’s myriad outlying islands, is a show of photography and video that focuses on the idea of being isolated.

Built in 1965, this one-bedroom cottage on Lamma captivated serial renovator Brooke Babington, who transformed the 680 sq ft space into the perfect city escape.

Scott Powrie, founder with his wife, Leigh, of craft brewery Double Haven, tells Kate Whitehead about his stunt-pilot father, building racing cars and his ambition to scale some of the world’s highest peaks.

Sok Kwu Wan on Lamma Island is just a restaurant strip serving pricey imported seafood in the eyes of most Hong Kong people. Lamma Mia aims to change their perception.

Lamma Island resident recounts striking up conversations with 31-year-old man wanted over fatal slashing of taxi driver and after realising his identity kept him talking until police she had called arrived to arrest him.

Officers apprehend suspect, 31, not far from Yung Shue Wan Ferry Pier on Lamma Island and find stab-proof vest and foldable knife with 9cm blade inside rubbish bag nearby.

Lamma Island gardener Geoff Smith tells Jane Ram about surviving a collapsed lung in Ghana, raising a family in Papua New Guinea, and putting down roots in Hong Kong.

The founder of Hong Kong’s Drum Jam tells Kate Whitehead about being kidnapped as a child, finding freedom on Lamma and the health benefits of banging out beats.

Authorities have poorly managed the potential of the islands, especially in allowing construction of appalling quality,when what’s needed is protecting local curiosities and preserving traditional architecture.


Proud of and grateful for emergency services and medical workers who leapt into action after being notified of a serious accident involving a fall down the stairs in Lamma.


June marks the start of the peak junk season in Hong Kong – and given the restrictions on overseas travel, the excursions are likely to be more popular than ever this year.

Hong Kong has 263 islands and many of them can be easily visited via boat from the Central ferry piers. Enjoy Lamma’s seafood restaurants and pubs, Po Toi’s hiking trails, the rugged beauty of Ping Chau and lots more.

The founder of Bookworm Cafe, Life Cafe and Mana! considers the Lamma Forest, now home to more than 20,000 trees, to be his greatest accomplishment.


The bar, described as ‘an institution and part of Lamma history’, has been forced to close over noise complaints from the building’s owner and his family who live next door. Its last day open to the public will be Friday, May 31.

Kitti Chan, 39, has seen the damage done to animals and humans when rubbish is left adrift at sea, and once collected so much waste that authorities had to send storage boxes.

Tilbrook, a Briton who has lived in Hong Kong since 1965, enjoyed much success as a realist painter until he found himself thinking ‘of what came from within me’ and adopted a semi-abstract style in the 1990s.

From the lows of having her Macau show cancelled, mezzo soprano Rose Winebrenner is back performing again and credits one of Hong Kong’s most laid-back places with her artistic rebirth.