Professional Educationi

SCMP's annual guide to postgraduate study in Hong Kong

  • Professionals who understand healthcare systems and how they are run are crucial in developing strategies to tackle widespread emergencies and cope with pandemics
  • HKU, CUHK and HKBU offer advanced public health courses that prepare students in the field and equip them to handle the continuing global challenges

Higher educational institutions in Hong Kong must consistently update their curriculum to prepare students for a world increasingly dominated by AI, Web3 and blockchain

As the business world’s needs evolve in the digital era, institutions are ensuring their MBAs are in step with current and future requirements

While every good programme covers the essentials, business schools are well aware that graduates also need that special something extra to give them an edge

As collectors flock to Art Basel and M+ museum, the city’s increasing interest in the arts should lead to the further development and proliferation of relevant academic programmes

Hong Kong University, Baptist University and Chinese University are three of the local institutions to offer a Masters in Public Health which tackles business, management and policy aspects of health care

Today, local universities have grasped the importance of fintech and seek collaborations in teaching it, both across faculties within the organisation, and externally in industry and academia overseas

Hong Kong universities’ new normal of mixed online and face-to-face learning also boosting the international appeal of their accounting and other syllabuses

The city’s universities have answered the needs of tomorrow with programmes that tackle thorny issues like cross-border issues, environmental law, arbitration and intellectual property

As in the rest of the world, Hong Kong’s institutions have had to grapple with pandemic-era logistical challenges on top of evolving to address the big data, fintech of the the moment