Tencent Video
  • Tencent Media Lab is set to release on Friday night the 4K video of Cheung’s 2000 concert series, enhanced using AI
  • The improved footage will make it possible for viewers to see details, such as Cheung’s hair strands, the team says

Tencent Video added back 11 out of 12 minutes cut from the cult classic ending that had authorities saving the day, but it retains cuts for nudity.


WeChat’s annual event was more low-key this year, with middle-ranked Tencent executives touting mini apps and short videos as its future, amid regulatory crackdowns and stiff competition.

Chinese internet giant Tencent significantly increased its financial claim against ByteDance’s Douyin short video platform for alleged copyright infringement of hit anime series.

After streaming platforms failed to show the international One World concert that raised money for relief efforts, Chinese tech giants created their own

China’s Tomb-Sweeping Day was turned into a day of mourning for coronavirus victims, with online entertainment shut down

Users are mad about Tencent Video's and iQiyi’s extra fees on top of subscriptions, but analysts say it’s the future