Topfit Morningi

The feeling of starting the day off properly is crucial to not only a good day, but also a healthy lifestyle. Topfit Morning, the SCMP's 12-week fitness challenge, will give you the motivation and inspiration you need. In collaboration with boutique gym Topfit, every week we'll present easy-to-adopt fitness and stretching routines, yoga practices as well as nutrition tips you can easily apply to kick start your day at home. We'll also track three Hongkongers through the challenge. Come sweat with us.


More energy, better focus, more confidence: Hong Kong trio reveal the results of our #TopfitMorning Challenge - 12 weeks of vigorous exercise under the guidance of personal trainers

Exercising your glutes not only improves your shape but helps you move better, improves sports performance and lowers risk of back pain. A stronger core improves your balance and posture


After the first four weeks of #TopfitMorning, the SCMP’s 12-week fitness challenge, our three challengers have made significant progress, but the hard work is far from over

Check in with us over the next 12 weeks for the #TopfitMorning challenge, in collaboration with boutique gym Topfit, and get inspired by a local trio facing familiar struggles to get fitter