US midterm elections 2018

The environment was a neglected issue in the US midterm elections, even as wildfires devastate lives and property in California. Scientific findings no longer carry as much weight with the public as in the past.

Yonden Lhatoo can’t help feeling impressed by the one-man political juggernaut that is the US president, arguing that he is well on his way to re-election in 2020, and the midterm election setback is no big deal.

  • Targets included Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, some members of Congress, as well as CNN offices in New York and Atlanta
  • Judge concluded that bombs were purposely designed not to explode

Look at the children separated at the border, the persecution of Muslims, the failure to strongly condemn white nationalists and the cosying up to dictators to see how Trump obstructs justice


William Barr, appearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee, heaped praise on Robert Mueller and called him a friend for 30 years. Barr is trying to placate Democrats’ concerns about a memo he wrote, criticising an aspect of Mueller’s Russia-collusion investigation.

The meeting, with the Democrats’ House leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate head Chuck Schumer, ended with Trump threatening to shut down the government if he isn’t given the funding for his wall.

The request urges the high court to compound four separate legal challenges to Donald Trump’s transgender ban and singularly rule on the issue. It’s an unusual move that bypasses the regular federal legal process

Although some South Koreans support Kim, others are troubled she won as a Republican when the party is accused of divisive politics and intolerance towards immigrants

In her memoir ‘Becoming’, Michelle Obama describes the miscarriage 20 years ago that left her and Barack Obama feeling ‘cratered’, and how she tried to ‘block it all out’ when Donald Trump won the presidency in 2016.

Florida, the state that dragged the 2000 US presidential election to a crawl and nearly broke the country’s storied democratic process is once again headed toward the uncertainty of a statewide recount.

Questions why Democrats suffered a series of setbacks that prevented the party from picking up even more seats and, perhaps most consequentially, left the US Senate in Republican hands.

Matthew Whitaker, the acting attorney general, has broad power to halt the investigation that has infuriated Donald Trump, and once said it could be halted by slashing Robert Mueller’s budget