Wing Chun
  • Hong Kong Shue Yan University will host a virtual exhibit that allows visitors to experience how late grandmaster Ip Man sparred with practice dummies
  • Rare opportunity as members-only venue opens up archives to showcase key moments and attract more interest in traditional martial art practices

From the Shaolin Temple to Beijing wushu schools, US filmmaker Laurence Brahm has studied martial arts for decades and roamed through China searching for the origins of kung fu.


‘I’ll break you like I broke this brick,’ says wing chun ‘master’, but his bravado is thrown back in his face, quite literally, by two head kicks in a 12-second KO.

‘Ip Man 4’ star takes up viral social media stunt which is sweeping the world, joining fellow action star Jason Statham and UFC legend Conor McGregor.

‘Ip Man’ star proves age is just a number as he displays impressive martial arts abilities in social media post – and stuns fans by singing and playing an Elton John song.

‘I’m not an expert,’ says the judge, who looked at ‘different layers’ of the fight, where the Chinese MMA fighter knocked his opponent down four times.

‘Mad Dog’ is back – and it takes the Chinese MMA fighter less than a minute to destroy his latest fake kung fu opponent, who tries to run away after three knock-downs.