Top 10: What’s a lesser known but good YouTube channel?

Compiled by junior reporters Yuhan Huang, Nicole Yuen, Vera Tanna and Quintus Luk
  • This week, we asked students to share their favourite YouTube channels that more people should be aware of
  • If you’re looking for study tips, simple recipes or answers to silly questions, look no further
Compiled by junior reporters Yuhan Huang, Nicole Yuen, Vera Tanna and Quintus Luk |

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Who is the YouTuber you think everyone should know about?

Alchemax. The guy makes really insightful video essays about comic books and movies. He’s collaborated with bigger YouTubers like Browntable, who has 200,000 subscribers. He also has a video coming out soon on the TV show Community, and has his own podcast called Unplanned: The Podcast.

Richard Leung, 16, German Swiss International School

The channel 3blue1brown, which teaches maths, calculus and machine learning. It should undoubtedly gain more subscribers. After watching the first series of videos, you can’t wait to watch the next. You’ll be amazed by the explanations. Literally everyone who studies calculus and algebra should watch – it really helps a lot.

Michael Cheng, 18, SKH Bishop Mok Sau Tseng Secondary School

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One Meal a Day is extremely underrated in terms of views and subscribers. But the videos are clear and concise, and there are English subtitles. Casual commentaries keep the theme friendly and informal. The cooking tutorials are simple and easy to follow. It also explores Korean culture.

Adam Kim, 16, International Christian School

RealLifeLore2 is an underrated channel that answers scientific, economic and technology questions that you never thought to ask. It’s a secondary channel of RealLifeLore, which does the same thing, but with a broader range of topics. The channel has great narrations and amazing graphics. I would highly recommend it, even if you’re not into technology and science.

Andy Alexis, 15, Mainland Regional High School, US

BeginnersTech is one of the most useful but lesser-known YouTube channels. The videos are mainly related to technology. The guy posts reviews of gadgets such as keyboards, phones and computers. He also shows his viewers many unknown features on different iPhones, and he answers questions, such as “Are phones under $200 any good?”. He posts quite consistently but he is still unrecognised by many. His content is useful, and is great for anyone interested in technology.

Charis Tai, 12, Renaissance College

Top 10: What can’t you live without?

I’ve started watching Ordinary Sausage. In his videos, the guy makes sausages from different types of food, including Chipotle steak burrito and lobster. More viewers are watching his videos now because his channel was mentioned by a popular YouTuber recently.

Venus Tse, 14, German Swiss International School

On Half as Interesting, you can find all sorts of interesting information such as “Renting a country with $70,000”. It is a great channel if you want to have fun exploring weird stuff around the world.

Chu Tin Yuet, 18, Sing Yin Secondary School

Serena Art. This channel features short videos of Serena creating simple but beautiful acrylic paintings. She makes painting look so easy. The videos also have great music.

Yuwei Huang, 16, Hong Kong International School

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Mark Rober is a humorous engineer who worked for Nasa for some time. His YouTube channel brings engineering into daily life. It also features other people’s innovative ideas. He encourages the younger generation to be creative and try out their ideas.

Anna Wong, 15, Chiu Lut Sau Memorial Secondary School

Songdrops is a very good channel. It has many funny and cool songs. Sometimes original songs are turned into songs with wacky lyrics. I particularly like The Homework Song because of the humorous story it tells.

William Lam, 13, Victoria Shanghai Academy

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