Top 10: What's the most helpful study tip you've learned?

Compiled by Junior Reporters Yuhan Huang, Nicole Yuen, Vera Tanna and Quintus Luk
  • We asked our readers what their best study tips were
  • From diagrams to putting away your phone, here's some advice for academic success
Compiled by Junior Reporters Yuhan Huang, Nicole Yuen, Vera Tanna and Quintus Luk |

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What are your tips for academic success?

I have an “error booklet” where I write down the mistakes I make. It reminds me to be careful when answering questions and avoid making the same mistakes twice. 

Also, this way, I’m aware of the things I’m not so good at, so before an exam or quiz, I can mainly focus on my weaknesses.
Kristy Lu, 14, King Ling College

Put away my mobile phone! I am addicted to playing games on my phone, so I switch it off completely and won’t go near it when I am studying.
Maggie Wong, 14, Yan Chai Hospital Tung Chi Ying Memorial Secondary School

I think it is very useful to take daily notes. This can help you when it comes to revising for exams. Jotting down keywords or new information you learn each day will help you in the long run.
Tang Cheuk-ho, 12, Shatin Tsung Tsin Secondary School

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We all have our own ways of retaining new information, and this is my helpful study tip: know your learning style! For example, visual learners respond best to diagrams, colour-coding, videos and patterns. However, I learn best by listening. I use audio cues such as speech, music, rhyme and other sounds when I am studying.
Yiu Cheuk-kiu, 12, Maryknoll Fathers’ School

I like to use flow charts and diagrams. It makes things easier to understand and remember. I also like to highlight areas where I need more work, and explain my answers to others. That helps me understand the answers better, too.
Cheung Yi-lam, 14, Yan Chai Hospital Tung Chi Ying Memorial Secondary School

Having a positive attitude towards learning. I failed my biology test because I thought it was boring. But I got good results in physics because I didn’t want to disappoint my teacher. Both subjects are important to me, but there were two different outcomes. 

This is because of my learning attitude. It is very important, therefore, to have a positive attitude towards all your studies.
Nelson Yu Ka-lun, 16, King Ling College

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You should ask your teachers or parents to explain what you do not understand. Apart from helping you to improve your grades, it will help you gain confidence, too.
Kwok Po-kiu, 11, Maryknoll Fathers’ School 

We can all learn from reading English books and newpapers (Editor: like Young Post!), and watching English TV programmes. This is a good way to improve your English skills.
Sammi Lee Sum-yi, 12, Po Leung Kuk Tang Yuk Tien College

Reading reference books helps me revise and know how to avoid traps when answering exam questions. I think this is the easiest and fastest way to tackle the DSE: a short cut to understanding important concepts.
Frankie Cheung Chi-hin, 16, Fung Kai No 1 Secondary School 

My Form One teacher gave me this helpful tip. She told us to get a notebook, write down 10 new words every day, and check their meanings. 

I think this is very good advice because otherwise, I might forget the words I’ve learned. It’s good to refresh my memory daily. Then I am able to use those words in my essays and other writings.
Yuen Sung-yau, 12, Shatin Tsung Tsin Secondary School

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