Alixandra Vila

Lisa isn’t the only K-pop idol to test positive for Covid-19 – singers from Exo, Ateez, Treasure and Enhypen fared no better, and K-drama’s Ji Chang-wook and Jin Goo caught it too

Park Shin-hye and Choi Tae-joon are engaged and about to have a baby … but since the couple always kept their relationship private, we break down how they went from friends to parents-to-be

The Philippines appeals to retirees because of its low living costs, lifetime non-immigrant visas, friendly, English-speaking population, and accessibility to the rest of Southeast Asia. Here are four places to consider living.

Volcanic island off northern Mindanao has waterfalls, hot and cold natural springs, pristine beaches, and ruins that are a legacy of past eruptions. Compact enough to see in two days, it is a paradise for hikers and divers.

Mercedes in the central Philippines has earned a quiet following for its seven small tropical islands ideal for ambitious adventurers seeking solitude – think empty beaches, gin-blue waters and amazing views in abundance.

From a breakfast of satay guisado – stir-fried noodles in peanut sauce with beef – to siopao, or steamed pork buns, for lunch, Binondo has it all; visit its temples and church, then it’s time for bean-filled pastries and sticky rice cake.

The rise of liberal millennials in the Philippines has brought witchcraft and the mystical forces of nature from the fringes into the mainstream, with businesses from brewers to bars to restaurants joining in.

Half a million tonnes of plastic waste from the Philippines ends up in oceans every year. The culprits? Corruption, lack of political will – and an addiction to single-use plastic sachets.

Virgin’s Richard Branson and Ikea founder Ingvar Kamprad have two things in common: they both have ADHD and are extremely successful. So do three Asian entrepreneurs, who explain how a perceived disorder has been an asset.

From observing whale sharks and turtles to exploring shipwrecks, the country offers a wide range of freediving opportunities at the centre of the ‘Coral Triangle’