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From humble beginnings in Qing dynasty China, Yeo Hiap Seng moved to Singapore in 1937. After World War II, Yeo’s started making canned food, soymilk, and other drinks, and has been expanding ever since.


From the world’s first gamer’s mouse to the Blade laptop and Razor phone, Razer has led the way for gaming peripherals for 20 years. Its dedication to making the best gaming hardware has earned it a legion of fans.

Agencies set up dates for men and women, with the emphasis on squeaky clean fun. Some ban physical contact between couples, but their founders admit male clients sometimes want more than the ‘girlfriend experience’.

She seemed to have everything. Then she was jailed for drug offences. Freed, Tenashar vowed she had turned a corner. Within weeks, apparently destitute, she had been arrested again, suspected of drug offences and criminal trespass.

Joshua Su, alias The G3sha, had to hide his homosexuality for years and spiralled into depression that led to a suicide attempt. He hopes new single I’m OK will help others grappling with their sexuality in conservative Singapore.

Set up by Teo Swee Ee in 1933, the company now has 376 outlets, with more than 200 in China; its original ‘bak kwa’ barbecued preserved pork is also popular in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines and South Korea.

Founded as Clouet & Co by a Frenchman, the rooster on the company’s cans of sardines led Malay customers to call it ‘chop ayam’ – the chicken brand – and eventually prompted a name change. Still French-owned, Ayam today is a global brand


Once limited to sexy novelty acts, women DJs in Singapore have turned the tables and are headlining major events and drawing big crowds to nightclubs across the city and around the world. We talk to some of the Lion City’s best


Swinging has moved beyond four-star hotels to multiroom apartments thanks to Airbnb, and the internet, where couples arrange everything from swingers’ cinema nights to sex-fuelled events far racier.