Angel Woo
Angel Woo, who is currently studying Global Communication at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, joined the Post as an intern in summer 2022.

When Ruby Yip Tsz-ying was in secondary school, she filmed ‘Dear Pandemic’ which was selected as a finalist in the 27th IFVA Awards youth category.

Now, the Best Improvement winner of the Student of the Year Awards says he is studying social work ‘to save some teenagers like me from the abyss’.


When Chan Tsz-yiu was chairperson of her secondary school’s student union, she organised a talent show and commemorative video despite facing challenges from the pandemic.

This year’s Linguist (Cantonese) winner in the Student of the Year Awards, Amber Wong Seng-ying, introduced a Cantonese column in her school magazine.

Hannah Bailey Cherry worked with Filipino NGOs to deliver books to underprivileged children, and her idea for reselling used titles has spread to Brazil and Türkiye.

The first runner-up in the Performing Artist category of the Student of the Year Awards shares how she learned to convey emotion and meaning through dance.

Anyone flying to city on Tuesday will be allowed to undergo three days of quarantine and four under medical surveillance as part of ‘3+4’ scheme launch on Friday.

Cancer survivor schoolgirl who returned to school after chemotherapy and overcame depression and anxiety among five winners in Best Improvement category.

Survey by Hong Kong Unison finds members of ethnic minority groups have monthly household income that is less than half of most similar-sized families in city.