Eduard Fernández
Eduard Fernández
Eduard is a summer intern at the South China Morning Post. He has reported from Beijing for several Spanish and English-language media outlets.

One of several branches of Thai Chiu, this one in Central offers tasty food for diners on a budget. Interestingly, among the Thai classics, the stand-out dish was Hainan chicken.

Eddie Redmayne, Ian McKellen, Ken Watanabe – Hong Kong events organiser loved theatre so much he would travel four hours just to see a show, and taught himself to draw caricatures as his way of remembering favourite performances.

A China-led wave of company acquisitions has seen Berlin grow leery of granting market access to foreign investors. But fears of an exodus of tech know-how are balanced by a desire to do business on the mainland.

Hong Kong is home to many Southeast Asian restaurants, but rarely will you find one specialising in Burmese food. Explore unique flavours of Myanmar at this Ho Man Tin venue that’s named after a popular noodle soup.


Record temperatures have claimed thousands of lives and caused droughts and floods across the continent in recent months, and the forecast is not cool

A cheap and cheerful place to recharge if you’re out drinking in Lan Kwai Fong, Yo Dim offers snacks at knockdown prices, but you get what you pay for. The matcha buns are definitely the highlight

Noboru Arai, whose Hommage restaurant has just been awarded two Michelin stars, reflects on the differences between French and Japanese culinary traditions

Astana’s economic ties with Beijing leave it with a headache in dealing with public anger over the internment of its nationals in Xinjiang’s ‘re-education centres’.

Forty-six doughnut-shaped roundhouses in Fujian have been awarded Unesco World Heritage status, but roughly 3,000 others are in a state of decay. One returnee is now trying to revive his childhood home and community.

Yeung Kai, 82, has devoted his life to the unique, expressive calligraphy style used on Hong Kong neon lights and shop signs, a trade that is now dying. A graphic designer is digitising the characters for a typeface to give it new life.


The launch of Hong Kong’s second airline, owned by Hong Kong and China shareholders, sparked a clash with rival carrier Cathay Pacific that would continue until it bought the upstart five years later.

Adventurers in northern Russia are on the hunt for ivory from extinct woolly mammoths in the melting permafrost. Once excavated, the tusks are sold to dealers in Hong Kong as a replacement for elephant ivory.

The Rock’s Skyscraper is just the latest film to have used the city’s forest of skyscrapers the perfect backdrop for all kinds of CGI-generated mayhem. Here are some other times Hollywood has destroyed buildings or the city itself.


For the past 10 years, Wilson Shieh has been working on a series of paintings mainly depicting women dressed as some of Hong Kong’s most iconic buildings, and it has resulted in his ‘Architecture Costume’ exhibition.

‘Philip Guston: A Painter’s Forms, 1950-1979’ looks back on three decades of the late American abstract expressionist’s career and includes an audio guide narrated by his daughter Musa Mayer

Whether it was Nixon meeting Mao in Shanghai, Gandhi, Nehru, Jinnah and Mountbatten discussing the creation of Pakistan, or Hong Kong surrendering to the Japanese in the second world war, these historical meetings all took place in luxury hotels. Here are five that are still in business today

With growing numbers of tourists looking beyond package tours, a trek through Myanmar’s northern Shan state offers impressive views and a glimpse of an ongoing conflict between ethnic minorities and government forces