Gary Jones
Gary Jones is a freelance writer and editor. Based in Asia since 1991, his work has appeared in publications worldwide, including Time magazine, The Times and The Sunday Times, the Observer, USA Today, Wallpaper, British GQ, Sydney Morning Herald, Globe & Mail and LA Weekly, among others.

The Lake Clinic takes medical care offshore to 10,000 of those who make a meagre living on Tonlé Sap, the largest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia.

Changes unleashed by Deng Xiaoping’s economic opening up let women claim a place in the profession, and elbow aside male engineers who dominated construction; 20 of the most influential are profiled in a new book.

The Magic of Handwriting showcases 140 examples of penmanship spanning 900 years, including handwritten letters by 15th-century English king Richard III and early American statesman Benjamin Franklin.


The second of a two-part story recounts the hardship on the Skyluck for the 2,600 Vietnamese 'boatpeople' aboard and the desperate act that brought their nearly five-month imprisonment to an end

The first of a two-part story recounts how the communist takeover of Saigon led to thousands of Chinese-Vietnamese fleeing their country

Born into a prominent political family in Nepal, the actress reveals how alcohol and toxic relationships caused her life to spiral out of control, until cancer changed everything

Largely unreachable by road, a train service links the quaint quintuplet of picture-postcard villages, one of which got its colourful character from a house-proud local fisherman

Chief national correspondent for ABC News Matt Gutman dissects the extraordinary rescue mission to save the trapped soccer team from rising floodwaters.


When a 2011 bestselling book threw a salacious spotlight on a long forgotten killing, Graeme Sheppard was compelled to turn his cooler, more contemplative gaze onto the case

Ho Chi Minh City exhibition recalls how American GIs organised protests, published underground newspapers and served jail time in their efforts to bring peace to Southeast Asia

Do you know what a Kimjongilia is? In these days of smartphones and Google this dictionary of trendy Asian terms may not be as useful as in pre-internet days, but it does throw up many offbeat facts that are worth a read

Featuring 50 core journeys, each with three suggested similar trips, Epic Drives will have any car owner itching to get behind the wheel – just don’t expect too much in the way of practical advice

Fourth edition of Volunteer: A Traveller’s Guide to Making a Difference Around the World tells would-be do-gooders the questions to ask before they turn altruistic adventurer, and is packed with advice - some of it rather obvious

Russian poet Joseph Brodsky picked the perfect season to fall in love with the Queen of the Adriatic, and so might you when you find there are seats to be had at Harry’s Bar and the Venetians’ favourite bacari

The streets of Laos’ capital city are among the most dangerous in Asia. A volunteer ambulance service founded by a Frenchman and manned largely by students is saving countless lives

Illiterate farmers, manual labourers, civil servants – some 100 Chinese joined the International Brigades helping fight General Franco’s fascists 80 years ago. Despite being few in number, they left a lasting impression

A 2,000km run from Yunnan to northern Cambodia gives five like-minded motorcyclists a whiff of adventure. Words and pictures by Gary Jones.

As the world celebrates 150 years of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Gary Jones looks back on the book's impact on art and popular culture.

Film director Oliver Stone (Natural Born Killers, 1994), novelist J. G. Ballard (The Atrocity Exhibition, 1970), and singer Courtney Love's band Hole (Celebrity Skin, 1998) tackle the issue of celebrity - all from different angles. We look back at their impact then and how much they resonate with audiences today. 

Two Asian teams have qualified to compete in Italy against the world's foremost gelato artisans for the title World's Best Gelato. They'll be joined by a team from Adelaide, Australia. The regional gelato wizards triumphed in the Asia-Pacific heat of the Gelato World Tour competition, which travels the globe to track down the most perfectly executed flavour expressions of Italy's ultimate feel-good treat.