Gaynor Thomas

Transparency, circularity and responsible sourcing were three dimensions to sustainability raised repeatedly at Watches And Wonders 2022 – so what are brands doing about them?

A comic book-themed watch might sound tacky, but it’s anything but: Audemars Piguet sold a Black Panther watch for US$5.2 million, and Rolex’s discontinued Batman and the Hulk watches fetch a pretty penny secondhand

From a Tiffany & Co stamped version that sells at auction for US$125,000, to a 50 per cent bump in price on the secondary market, the hype around the Nautilus 5711 continues to grow


Chanel’s Bijoux de Diamants harnessed small black accents, while commitment-phobe Carrie Bradshaw received a black diamond engagement ring – but now it’s not just rebels and goths turning to darker gems for a touch of noir chic

The Western Australian mine currently supplies 90 per cent of the world’s pink diamonds, but will close in 2020 – so does that mean prices will increase tenfold?

In high fashion houses, history is always an inspiration – as evidenced by these new jewellery collections from 4 of the world’s most coveted luxury brands

Sotheby’s Autumn Magnificent Jewels and Jadeite auction saw Chinese jewellery designers such as Dunhuang Pipa and Cindy Chao earn millions of dollars for their work

From Lewis Hamilton’s IWC Schaffhausen to Kimi Räikkönen’s Richard Mille’s Formula One collaboration, the world of motorsports has long loved in slipstream of luxury watches

From Kate Middleton to Gal Gadot, everyone loves a tiara, and these exceptional pieces are incredible enough for the next Met Gala red carpet (or even the Downton Abbey film)

Apple’s latest watches combine the design aesthetic and leather artistry of the heritage maison with sophisticated technology, including Always-On Retina and 18-hour battery life

City features, including cobblestone streets and Acanthus columns, inspire French luxury brand’s white gold and diamond necklace, bracelet ring and earrings

Top jewellery houses are on-trend with wearable pieces that reference floral and animal motifs through exquisitely layered gems and creative techniques

W Hamond combines Whitby jet with diamonds for high quality jewellery pieces, while Poland’s Aleksander Gliwinski lifts Baltic amber to a new level

The standard incandescent light bulb has long been the universal symbol for a bright idea. Ironically, one of the brightest ideas of these more eco-friendly times has been to phase out the incandescent bulb, as smart lighting has become synonymous with energy-efficient lighting.

House plants are no longer in vogue. Yet, now we need them more than ever for the sake of our health. Indoor air in the modern home is, well, polluted. Not as bad as standing on a traffic island in Causeway Bay but certainly far from pure.

Less is more. That should be the dictum of all home decorators. And not just fewer things, but better things. Instead of filling the home with the cheap and cheerful, why not consider investing in quality pieces that appreciate in value?

The house of Hermès has held on fiercely to its principles of quality and rarity in an era of 'masstige', writes Daniel Lewis.

It's an ingenious complication and collectors will do anything to get their hands on a tourbillon-driven watch, writes Lewis Daniels.

Great ideas are often best expressed numerically: Four Noble Truths, Ten Commandments, 31 Flavours. In the world of Greubel Forsey one speaks of The Six Inventions.