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US adventurer Asher Leiss loves exploring Taiwan’s mountainous back country in search of waterfalls and swimming holes off the beaten track. He shares his favourite spots in the Taipei area and exactly how to get there.

The Nimman Road neighbourhood is the northern Thai city’s growing centre of cool, where local and tourists alike flock for its modern, yet relaxing vibe.

Wuliaojian Mountain is made up of five jutting plumes that give you stunning 360-degree views of tree-covered mountains rising above the below valley. The course involves several rope-assisted ascents and descents.

Kung fu master Lo Man Kam, 86, and his uncle, Ip Man, taught Bruce Lee Wing Chun kung fu and some life lessons. Lee was rubbish when he first started lessons, Lo recalls.


The city in Sichuan province has a mixture of Han Chinese, Tibetans, and other ethnic minorities and a correspondingly eclectic dining scene. On the historical border between China and Tibet, it is a centre for trekking in the summer.

Punk, metal, rap and hip hop are flourishing in Myanmar’s biggest city, where bands from rival genres come together to put on gigs; we discover the bars where they perform, and why some play outdoors under expressway flyovers

Chinese city’s thriving music scene offers promise of the big time, but the reality of life as a professional musician is often far from glamorous


Thierry Cuvillier arrived in Taipei in 1999 with just a backpack and the address of the wing chun master he wanted to learn from. Now, nearly 20 years later and having taught over 200 of his own students, he is planning his return home

Musician Wu Zhuoling is our guide for a tour of the Sichuan capital’s indie music bars and clubs, where you can find musicians playing rock, acoustic, jazz and electronic music, or just jamming together

Once looked down on as a sport enjoyed by the rural people of Myanmar, lethwei is enjoying the spotlight after fighters from Japan to Canada entered the arena

Global non-profit group Turning Tables has staged concerts in troubled countries like Tunisia, Lebanon, and Libya to help young people express themselves creatively. Now Asia is also starting to reap the benefits

We visit Taimali Township, travel the Flower Route and eat fried daylilies, ascend Kinchen Mountain and watch the fishing boats come in at Sanhe in the last of our three-part series on the east coast of Taiwan

Sea swells make the hour-long ride from Taitung rough at times, but from an abandoned aboriginal village to majestic views and crystal-clear waters, the journey to the former prison island will reward you amply

Dulan is a remote getaway for travellers when something slower and simpler calls. But the quiet, seaside town’s fame is spreading, and its growing popularity may soon see it overrun with tourists and holidaymakers

Manila’s rental ‘apartment tombs’ offer a temporary solution to families unable to afford a permanent plot to bury their loved ones. But what happens when the five-year term expires?

Children in Manila’s poorest neighbourhoods are paying an especially heavy price for the anti-drugs campaign of the Philippine president, which has taken thousands of lives since he came to power. Photographs by Paul Ratje

An Indonesian fisherman’s body dumped at sea, another returned bloodied and emaciated; a domestic helper sexually abused by five employers - two shocking cases that shine a light on the plight of imported workers on the island