Mark Andrews
Mark Andrews
Mark Andrews is a Shanghai based writer who mainly writes about travel and motoring topics.

Bling up your garage with the limited-edition Bentley Mulliner Batur, Aston Martin DBR22 – or even the new Hennessey Venom F5 Roadster that aims to be the world’s fastest open-top car

The market for electric vehicles (EVs) is growing, but some established brands may find it difficult keep pace with the newer competition – so what are their plans for the future of cars?

While Tesla is out front as the world’s most well-known manufacturer of electric vehicles, Chinese brands are catching up quick and starting to eye foreign markets


The Chinese were playing a form of golf a thousand years ago, but under communism the sport was banned until the early 1980s – now the Middle Kingdom is teeing off again

Jeremy Moyer discovered the two-stringed erhu on a volunteering trip to Taiwan in 1990. He has just released his third solo album of Chinese stringed instruments and has developed a sound that is entirely unique


Wu Jianguo hopes his collection of some 15,000 antiques, housed in a private museum in his rural hometown, will help his countrymen deal with their confusion over China’s past

Shaun Rein’s third China book distils complicated ideas for easy reading with dialogues and case studies in each chapter, but he only quotes privileged and top-tier individuals and the book suffers from bad editing

Galleries in Shanghai are spread out and can be tricky to find, which is why Shanghai Insiders offers art tours by motorbike that visit a host of small galleries in a single day. The best bit? You get to ride in the sidecar

The earthen buildings in southwest China, called tulou, have become a big tourist draw since many were included in a UN World Heritage Site in 2008. What to expect when you pay a visit and why their new status is not all good news for villagers

Late-19th-century Chinese migrants working New Zealand’s gold fields made important contributions to the development of the island nation, but they earned resentment as well as riches, and little evidence of their presence remains

If you thought there’s nothing more to central Japan in winter than skiing, think again. There is plenty of monkeying about to be had in Nagano prefecture

At an Ayurvedic resort in Sri Lanka you will be kneaded, needled, steamed and scrubbed allin the name of relaxation, writes Mark Andrews.

It's no accident that Bentley chose Beijing for the international media test-drive of its new Flying Spur. China is now the carmaker's No 2 market and accounted for 55 per cent of sales of the first-generation Flying Spur.