May Chan Rhodes

From city planning to environmental protection, studies in sustainability are highly sought after and have become popular in both education and business fields

The growing demand in Hong Kong for special-education experts and teachers drives the supply of comprehensive courses and programmes in the higher education sector

New luxury home projects in New Territories East offer affluent seclusion, excellent transport links and access to some of Hong Kong’s best schools

Landscaped green environs, spacious recreation facilities and the promise of good education are driving up the interest in modern developments in Tuen Mun, Tsuen Wan and Yuen Long


Vocational Training Council offers two-year, part-time paid foundation studies while HKU Space Community College has a two-year, full-time higher diploma in industry basics

Graduates from the new programme at Yew Chung College of Early Childhood Education can attain qualifications in registered kindergarten teacher, childcare worker, special childcare worker and supervisor

Is "playgroup" a dirty word for parents in Hong Kong? Playgroups have been criticised in the mainstream media, and on social media, for putting too much pressure on young children.

Chris Davis, a British freelance writer who has been in Hong Kong for three decades, believes in the importance of critical thinking, but also of learning the local language.

ACEM EMBAs and MBAs train managers to meet people’s needs - and deal with the unpredictable.

Mixing with mainstream pupils helps special needs students unlock their full potential.

Schools use volunteer work to help students realise the importance of giving back to the community. Service learning is an increasingly important aspect of education...

HKUST’s MBA programme, founded in 1991, is one of the best in the world. Ranked 14th in the latest Financial Times survey of business schools...  

Taipei, Singapore and South Korea are hitting the mainland’s popularity as a destination. Summer holidays are coming, with the promise of fun and freedom for the little...

Parents should resist the temptation to push their children to cram in as much knowledge as they can, and kindergartens should foster an eagerness to learn, educators say. 

There is more to a child's growth than good grades, and parents must maintain a balanced view of what success means for their offspring, says a leading psychologist.

A US psychologist says giving children a balanced view of what success means is a better avenue to self-fulfilment than simply pushing them to achieve top grades. Outwardly, the teens...