Regina Chen
Regina Chen
Regina is a journalism major at Chinese University of Hong Kong and will graduate in summer 2021. She is interning at the South China Morning Post

American magician David Copperfield claimed to have ‘reinvented magic’ when he arrived in Hong Kong to perform a week of shows in September, 1988.

Twenty-one Hong Kong sailors were left badly shaken after their vessel ran aground off the Andaman Islands in 1981 and wild natives threatened to attack them.

Safe crackers stole a large haul of diamonds from an office used by the Israeli consulate in Central Hong Kong in August 1971. A large reward was offered, but the gems were never recovered.

McDonnell Douglas MD-11 jet bound from Bangkok to Taipei flipped over and burst into flames on landing at Hong Kong International Airport. As well as those killed, 211 passengers were injured.


A rickshaw derby in Victoria Park, Causeway Bay, in August, 1975, was a great success but also heralded the end for an iconic Hong Kong mode of transport.

Amateur geologist William Harries, a British soldier, thought he’d discovered large deposits of the mineral beryl in Hong Kong in 1955, but his claims were soon discredited.

From your eating habits to your clothes drawer, workouts and staycations, these practical steps will help minimise your contribution to climate change.

Heavy rains brought down a retaining wall next to a residential block in Hong Kong in 1925, knocking down seven buildings and killing 75, including ex-member of the Legislative Council Chau Siu-ki.

Often, someone grieving the loss of a loved one is caused additional distress because they don’t know how to deal with formalities. In Hong Kong, a bereavement support service offers a helping hand.

Cleared of murder but convicted of manslaughter, a head teacher of a Hong Kong primary school was sentenced in 1994 to nine years in jail for bludgeoning and strangling an accounts clerk.

The high-speed ferries, both on the Hong Kong-Macau route, collided in July 1982, according to witnesses. Four officers were charged with manslaughter.

From McDonald’s and Shake Shack to Frites and The Butchers Club, we hunted for the crispiest, fluffiest and outright tastiest French fries the city has to offer.

Using Apple’s GarageBand app, 120 Hong Kong students will perform music they have written at an e-concert. Instead of instruments, they will play iPads and screen music videos.

Britain’s Got Talent star Father Ray Kelly, the singing Irish priest, is set to appear in the opening concert at the Hong Kong Hymnos Festival in November.

Hong Kong men set up a Facebook group called ‘My wife married Mirror and left my marriage in ruins’, blaming the Canto-pop boy band for stealing their wives’ hearts. Over 200,000 users have joined in three days.


Hong Kong launched a lottery in 1962 to avoid raising taxes to fund social welfare. A total of 1.7 million tickets were sold for the first draw.

Use it or lose it – Hong Kong’s HK$5,000 consumption voucher scheme kicks off on July 4, but this free money can’t be saved. Here’s how to register and where you’ll find special offers.

Filmmakers hope educating cinema-goers about what goes into making movies will help them better appreciate Hong Kong films and offer them a future as the industry faces tighter censorship.

Creatives, empty-nesters and young families are among the individuals being sought for the ‘Live Anywhere on Airbnb’ programme, to help the company with insights on nomadic lifestyles.

Violinist Yao Jue says that living in Hong Kong has made her life ‘full’. A concert on June 13 by the orchestra she founded is intended as a celebration of the city’s cultural diversity.